A magical system called Generative Fill has been added to Photoshop.

A magical system called Generative Fill has been added to

The world’s most used design and photo editing software Photoshop into Generative Fill Added a magical system.

Photoshop The full public version, included in beta today, will arrive at the end of the year. Generative Fill, specifically “Adobe Firefly” is based on artificial intelligence system. This prolific AI-driven new technology allows people to draw from a photo simply by typing. to remove objecta photo to add object or a photo to expand or beyond borders to enlarge it allows. Unusual parts of the photo with what you wrote. Adobe Firefly creating, imagining Generative Fill The technology is already working very well, judging by the examples shown by Adobe. On object removal/cleaning “Content-Aware FillThe system, which is stated to work much better than the ” tool, offers people three different variations for content creation and performs beyond expectations in terms of reflections. For expanded fields system that creates editable layersIn many cases, it creates the impression that it will save a lot of time and make the life of designers extraordinarily easy from time to time. The feature is currently only available in Photoshop (Beta). let’s specify.

A GIF displaying a before and after image of a Corgi that's been editing using Photoshop's new Generative Fill feature.

∗Thanks to this system, horizontal photos can be turned vertical with extra objects, and all these can be done in seconds with written commands.


For those who missed it, recently included AI systems that visualize writing such as Dall-E, Stable Diffusion, and Midjourney Adobe Firefly, it was actively taken into beta test tests and made a lot of noise. On the side of artificial intelligence “sensei” for many years, Adobe stated that the system it developed is only trained with licensed or non-copyrighted content, and that they do not steal the works of artists on the internet without permission. This was important because DALL-E, Stable Diffusion And midjourney Artificial intelligence-based systems such as the Internet collect and analyze photos / images on a large scale. Due to the applied process, these systems copy and actively use the content / style of many designers and photographers without permission. Adobe, on the other hand, underlines that its new platform was not created using stolen images, with the effect of this and because a new step has been taken in the field. firefly The images created by the company lag slightly behind the competition.