a light and fast gaming mouse

a light and fast gaming mouse

Logitech’s gaming catalog is further enriched with the G Pro A high-end model for demanding players.

We no longer present Logitech in the field of computer peripherals. The Swiss manufacturer has built a solid reputation in this area, and its mice are among the most widespread in the world, whether in our homes or our offices. Alongside its models dedicated to office automation and the professional world, the manufacturer also offers a rich catalog of mice dedicated to video gaming within its G range.

If its best-known gaming model is undoubtedly the G502 and its different versions, today it is the G Pro X Superlight 2 that interests us, a revised and improved version of the G Pro X released a few years ago. Compared to its G family sisters, this mouse places particular emphasis on lightness and responsiveness, with high-level competitive gaming in its sights.


Marketed at an introductory price of €169, it immediately appears as a high-end mouse intended for a demanding audience ready to pay the price for their video gaming practice. It is also positioned at exactly the same price as the G502 X Plus from the same manufacturer, but adopts an ergonomic and functional approach slightly different from its parent.

CCM’s opinion
  • Lightness and maneuverability
  • Accurate and responsive sensor
  • Ultra-low latency wireless connection
  • Highly configurable via G Hub
  • Compatible with pairing two devices on a single Lightspeed receiver
  • Loud clicks
  • Only two slice buttons
  • High price

Logitech G Pro X Superlight 2: a handy and comfortable mouse

The least we can say is that the G Pro X Superlight 2 does not live up to its name. With its 60 grams on the scale, including the weight of the battery, this mouse feels as light as a feather once in hand. If it’s almost disconcerting for the first few minutes, you get used to it very quickly and you quickly get a taste for it. Muscle fatigue is considerably reduced, whether in everyday office use or in long gaming sessions, and picking up any other mouse feels like moving a dead donkey (this is hardly an exaggeration). ).

In nervous action games such as FPS or RTS, which require numerous and rapid movements of the pointer, this featherweight is a real pleasure to handle, especially since the PTFE skates under the mouse ensure smooth glide perfectly fluid and pleasant, whether on a dedicated mat or directly on the desk. And to further improve movement, the mouse is sold with an additional PTFE pad, which can be placed above the wireless receiver housing, instead of the base cover which bears the G range logo.


Another nice touch is that the G Pro The plastic of the mouse is not particularly slippery, but these anti-slip strips will surely come in handy during intense gaming sessions that can lead to heavy sweating!

Logitech G Pro X Superlight 2: responsive but not silent buttons

As you would expect from a gaming mouse, the right and left clicks are particularly noisy, so much so that it is difficult to envisage intensive use of the G Pro X Superlight 2 in a shared environment, such as an office in an open space or a bedroom, without attracting the wrath of those around you. On the other hand, the triggering of clicks is very clear and perceptible under the fingers, with a higher activation force than on an office model, which offers the advantage of limiting involuntary presses during action and favors very precise presses. fast and repetitive.

A notable point, the click wheel is excellent, with a very short activation length and just enough resistance to not be triggered inadvertently, which makes it a real fifth button, perfectly usable in game with the middle finger. The scrolling of the wheel is impeccable, the notches are perfectly sensitive when rotating and we do not detect any lateral play like on office mice.


The two edge buttons accessible under the thumb are correct, the tactile feedback of the trigger is not very marked but compensated by a light and audible click. On the other hand, and as is often the case, they are placed a little too far forward on the edge, which makes the front button difficult to access with the tip of the thumb, when the hand is placed flat on the mouse with the last phalanx of the middle finger on the wheel. This configuration favors gripping the so-called “claw” mouse (claw gripin English) dear to some players, but which is not the most relaxing for the wrist.

Finally, we will regret the absence of additional buttons on the mouse, allowing for example to modify the sensitivity of the sensor on the fly or to assign more keyboard shortcuts. This choice of minimalist controls is very understandable from a perspective of performance and reliability, where too many buttons risk leading to involuntary presses at the heart of the action, but it implies reduced versatility in uses other than the competitive game.

Logitech G Pro X Superlight 2: flawless responsiveness and precision

In order to follow the rapid movements allowed by its weight, the mouse has a high-precision sensor, called Hero 2 by the manufacturer, which offers a very wide resolution range, from 100 to 32,000 DPI (dot per inch, for dots per inch), and a reporting rate of 125 to 2000 Hz. The sensitivity of the sensor can be finely adjusted via the in-house G Hub software, which offers a series of ready-made presets from which it is possible to create personalized profiles, allowing each to define up to 5 distinct sensitivity levels per axis of movement. In use, this sensor proves to be truly excellent, both for creative tasks that require a high degree of precision and in games that require more velocity.


The connection can be made using a traditional wired method, in particular to recharge the integrated battery, but one of the main assets of the Pro low latency, which works wonderfully and is frankly imperceptible in game (at least for ordinary mortals). The wireless connection is made via a Lightspeed receiver (provided) which must be located a maximum of 20 cm from the mouse to deliver its full potential. It can be plugged directly into the USB port on a laptop PC, or used with the 1.80 m extension cable and USB adapter (also supplied) in the case of a desktop PC.

The Lightspeed 2.4 GHz receiver © CCM

Good news, this mouse is compatible with the pairing of two devices on a single Lightspeed receiver, like that of the PRO X TKL LIGHSPEED keyboard that we have already presented to you, which saves the use of a USB port on the computer. You will find the procedure to follow for pairing and the list of all compatible devices here.

Logitech G Pro X Superlight 2: a great mouse for gaming

Ultimately, the G Pro Its extremely low weight makes it the ideal companion for long gaming sessions, its very low latency wireless connection is exemplary, its sensor offers a flawless level of precision and responsiveness, and the G HUB software allows it to be configured very quickly. finely depending on the games and needs.

These qualities make it an excellent gaming peripheral, particularly suitable for those who seek performance above all in competitive and demanding titles. If the clicks were not so loud and if a few additional buttons were present, we could almost recommend it for creative and professional uses, as it is so comfortable and reliable to use. Certainly, its official price – 170 euros all the same – reserves it for demanding specialists. But it fulfills its contract very well, being in line with the expectations of gamers.

Logitech delivers here a serious and well-calibrated mouse for the target audience, which excels in the field for which it was designed. If you are mainly looking for comfort and versatility, the G502 give satisfaction.