A legendary Lord of the Rings star is already ready to return for new Middle-earth films

A legendary Lord of the Rings star is already ready

In addition to the Amazon series The Rings of Power, Studio Warner, which has already released Peter Jackson’s two Middle-earth trilogies, is planning new cinema films set in Tolkien’s world. And even if so far untitled new Lord of the Rings movies are still at the very beginning and only let us speculate about the plot and characters, an old Lord of the Rings rabbit is already volunteering to return: Andy Serkis.

Andy Serkis would return in a heartbeat for new Lord of the Rings movies

Gollum actor Andy Serkis, who as director under Peter Jackson also directed the second camera unit in the three Hobbit films, was asked by the Hollywood Reporter about a possible Lord of the Rings return and was enthusiastic about the idea. Especially since Peter Jackson and his screenwriting team are also in talks again:

I love these people and they are like a second family to me. I’ve spent so many years doing that [Herr der Ringe- und Hobbit-]to make films with them. I love her sensitivity and her approach; this is filmmaking on a whole other level. You live and breathe this. So, Yesif any possibility arose [zurückzukehren]that would be awesome!


New Lord of the Rings movies? Gollum papa Andy Serkis would be there

Whether in front of or behind the camera, the chances of bringing motion capture mastermind Andy Serkis on board for new Lord of the Rings films are numerous. So far, of course, this is all wishful thinking and nothing has been decided yet. But it definitely can’t hurt to put out feelers and show interest early on. Isn’t it, my darlingzzzz?

The first new Lord of the Rings film will be 2026 at the earliest come to the cinemas.

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