A historic trick by Finnish women in frisbee golf – Eveliina Salonen threw the major win | Sport

A historic trick by Finnish women in frisbee golf –

The brightest glory of the Finnish star was missing for a long time after the corona break.

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SpongeBob Forsberg

Eveliina Salonen and Henna Blomroos threw for a double victory in the prestigious Frisbee golf tournament on Sunday in the state of Illinois, USA. At the same time, Salos became the first domestic player to celebrate a victory in a major competition in the sport’s birthplace.

The first place in the women’s series of the Champions Cup came with a combined result of 268 shots (8 under par) in four rounds.

– It feels really good. I’m proud that I was able to hold my lead all day. I shook the first two and the last four fairways, Salonen told STT.

Blomroos and the US Oh, Scoggins lost to Salonen by one throw. A triple victory was not far away, either Silva Saarinen (-6) completed the blue and white day with his fourth place.

– They put a lot of pressure on me. It’s wonderful that we can show the Yankees that Finland is coming.

Niklas Anttila has a chance to complete his historic performances, as he enters the final day in fourth place in the open class. So far, no Finnish man has won a Frisbee golf major.

In March, Anttila won the Disc Golf Pro Tour competition as the first Finnish man.

“Three seasons went down the drain”

Salonen, 24, has become one of the main characters in Finnish frisbee golf history. He has reached several milestones before others.

In 2018, Salonen threw as a champion in a major competition in the Czech Republic. The following February, he was also the first Finn to win on the US tour.

The brightest glory of the Finnish star was missing after the corona break, until the opening of the current season in Florida was a relief victory.

– Three seasons went down the drain because of Putin. There will no longer be really short failures or several on one green, Salonen explained.

The fact that Salonen was only an average putter in the Champions Cup and won right away speaks volumes about the huge potential.