a historic support plan for some 2,000 artists

a historic support plan for some 2000 artists

In Ireland, the Minister of Culture has just announced a new support plan: by spring, around 2,000 artists will receive a basic income for three years. The aim is to be able to support the sector, which is particularly affected by the health crisis. Ireland wants to further develop its nightlife, taking the example of Berlin or New York.

With our correspondent in Dublin, Laura Taouchanov

The idea is that artists have more time to create peacefully without having to work alongside to meet their needs. Registrations will be open soon: 2,000 creators will be able to claim this basic income set at 390 euros per week, nearly 1,600 euros per month, or just below the minimum wage, the Irish minimum wage.

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A unique initiative in the world

The criteria to be met to be eligible have not yet been established, but there will inevitably be disappointments, warns the government. These artists will come from the arts, culture, audiovisual, performing arts and events, all sectors suffering because of the pandemic.

A support plan, costed at 25 million euros over three years, is unprecedented in the world. In 2020, the city of San Francisco had implemented a similar initiative, but for a much shorter period.

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