A great stretch from the Finnish high jumper in the match against Sweden – he talked about the background of his new territorial conquest: “The winner got to decide”

A great stretch from the Finnish high jumper in the

High jumper Daniel Kosonen, 22, was the Finns’ hardest thrower in the traditional match against Sweden. He ran the men’s 110m hurdles for the first time in his life.

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Urheilu followed the Sweden match moment by moment in this article.

In sports competitions, you usually give your all. In a traditional track and field match, the athlete can stretch even more to his discomfort zone.

This year’s Finnish team had a lot of stretch marks Daniel Kosonen. The 22-year-old high jumper finished second in his bread category yesterday.

However, additional work was found for Kosose. Fighter Tarvo Savola was prevented from 3 matches due to fever.

The dashing athlete didn’t have to think twice about the decision.

– No. Not even a second! I was ready immediately. I didn’t hesitate for a moment, Kosonen told Urheilu.

Kosonen let out that he had another high jumper Arttu Mattilan with a playful competition about which of the high jumpers will go to fight.

– We had a qualifying race with Artu. The winner got to decide who goes.

First time at men’s fences

As expected, Kosonen was last in the match with 1,796 points. The victory went to Sweden To Elliot Duvert before Finns Aleksi from Savolai 2,309 and From Ville Toivo 2,274.

However, Kosonen gave his all. The opening event suited the young man perfectly, as it was the high jump event. He won it overwhelmingly with a score of 212.

In Kuula, Kosonen cleared 7.22 and ran 17.62 in the 110-meter hurdles.

The men’s 110-meter hurdles at the men’s hurdle heights was a new familiarity for Kosose.

– Kuula was actually worse. I have sometimes pushed in the hall with friends. Adat surprised. It went surprisingly well.

– I have never tried with those fences. Sometimes when I was little, 60-meter fences were gone.

Finland, who ended up tied with Sweden, eventually lost the men’s match due to fewer victories in the event. Kosonen was happy that he was able to give everything for Finland’s national team.

– That was pretty cool. If we win by one or two points, it doesn’t matter. I did everything I could, said the good-natured Kosonen.

Urheilu followed the Sweden match moment by moment in this article. You can also find all the results of the Sweden match on Teletext pages 603–606.