A giant surprise, HJK’s complete defeat of KuPS in the battle for the top spot – the expert marveled at the brilliance of the Kuopio people: “It’s unfathomable”

A giant surprise HJKs complete defeat of KuPS in the

Kuopio Palloseura has dominated the National Football League in recent seasons. It won the women’s Finnish championship in 2021 and 2022.

KuPS had started this season by winning all five of their matches with a drastic goal difference of 21–4. North Macedonian striker Gentjana Rochi is again number one in the scoring market with five hits.

Series champion HJK had lost their season opener to Honga, but then won four matches in a row. Before the start of the league season, HJK managed to knock down KuPS in the Cup final with hard-hitting 1-1 at the end of regular time.

Now the teams met in the top match of the National League in Kuopio. HJK played like a storm in the first half, scoring 3–0.

HJK scored the opening goal in the 20th minute. Linda Nyman played up To Lotta Lindströmwho found a backslash Milja Kiviranta. The 17-year-old striker’s shot hit the net. In the score services, the hit is marked for Kiviranta, but based on the slowdowns, the ball still hit HJK Helmi to Raijas.

Just a few minutes from now, when KuPS completely failed to open the game. HJK’s hard press produced a result. Finally a KuPS defender Nora’s handkerchief the demolition company threw HJK online Lotta from Lindström.

in the 41st minute Ria Karjalainen wrangled himself free from the edge. The KuPS defense cut off a passing attempt in front of the goal, but after that Karjalainen was able to put the loose ball into the empty space.

Ended his career after last season, represented HJK since 2015 Essi Sainio stated after the opening episode in ‘s studio that he was not completely surprised by HJK’s performance.

– Many teams go against KuPS to respect their strong offensive game. HJK turned the palette the other way and thought about how to remove the entire opening of KuPS. HJK has had an upwardly developing high profile in recent years. Now that Buri really well.

Another expert, football coach Marianne Miettinen stated that KuPS’s game looked really static compared to HJK.

– There is much less speed, both in attack and defense. The only way for KuPS to get into the game is to find different variations and move forward quickly. HJK has raised the intensity to a completely different level than what KuPS has faced this season.

Miettinen particularly highlighted the activity of Milja Kiviranta and Lotta Lindström, as well as the activity of the entire defense line. Sainio scolded KuPS for their attitude and amount of work.

KuPS shined in the second period as well

In the second period, KuPS couldn’t find their goals any better. For example, shots past the goal were recorded for KuPS 7–1.

Instead, HJK scored 4–0 with a similar hit as seen in the opening period, i.e. the goal came from KuPS’s rough start. Keeper Fanny Söderström played in a difficult place Oona for Siren. The HJK developed from the exchange Daniela Tolonen slid into the gap, and the ball bounced into the net.

– It is incomprehensible that it is continued if it has been clearly seen that it does not work. Still, the player finds himself in that situation again and again, and HJK strikes what is a vulnerable situation in KuPS’ opening game, Miettinen criticized and pointed to the pass to Siren.

The match also ended 4–0. with HJK’s goal Annika Laihanen even at the end took a couple of tasty cups and kept his zero game.

– I bet that a few National League coaches might watch this game when they think about how to challenge KuPS, Miettinen stated and emphasized the intensity shown by HJK.

HJK tied with KuPS on points. KuPS continues in the top spot thanks to goal difference. Åland United is three points behind the top two.

The KuPS pilot harshly criticized his team’s attitude

For HJK, the visit to Kuopio was quick. The team arrived in Kuopio by train at 12:30 p.m. and leaves for home at 5 p.m.

– Great atmospheres. Let’s travel four hours by train, take a 4–0 win. I don’t know if there could be a better atmosphere, beamed HJK’s Lotta Lindström, who rose to the top of the goal exchange with Roch.

– This whole game was under our control. We started with no prejudices, continued it for the whole 90 minutes. Active press was our weapon.

KuPS head coach Ollipekka Ojala stated that the team’s basic playing was not really at its normal level.

– First of all, I respect the result. HJK was that much better. Disappointed of course, but nothing to worry about. We lost 0-4 at home, which shouldn’t happen.

Ojala stated that he was particularly concerned that the team seemed lazy. He emphasized that next week’s training should show that the loss feels very bad. KuPS will travel to Åland United next Sunday.

– Passion has to be found somewhere. We are looking for those who show it in the starting line-up. I want my team to look like they are ripping and grinding at every ball. HJK did it.

In other matches, the promotion team TPS beat ONS from Oulu 2–1 away from home Nelly Lehtilä and Saija Östlund with hits. Series three Åland United beat PK-35 Helsinki 4–0, when Jaqueline Hand hit twice Aada Törrönen and Senja Salo once. The match between PK-35 Vantaa and HPS starts at 5 p.m.

You can see the league table at this link (Teksti-tv).