A giant chicken is coming to Battlegrounds

A giant chicken is coming to Battlegrounds

The company, which adds a different content to the game every year due to April 1, this time adds a huge chicken to PUBG: Battlegrounds.

As you know, due to April 1, companies come up with different joke news and content. We can say that the PUBG team adds color to the game with different short-term content every year in this period. This year, they planned to add a huge chicken to PUBG: Battlegrounds. Details about this content, which is in the game until April 10, are as follows;

A huge chicken is being added to PUBG: Battlegrounds

Available until April 10, Bizarre Battle Royale will be a wild mode where players use special abilities to battle giant monster chickens and zombies. Based on the dreams of the Lone Survivor character, this mind-blowing April 1 experience; allows players to collect OP Coins from zombies, unlucky players or chickens to purchase temporary OP items for higher HP, special powers like invulnerability, the ability to see enemies on the map, and more.

As in standard Battle Royale, the last team standing wins, while the top three teams at the end of the match also earn extra OP Coins for future matches. For players to enjoy the mode even more, we have also prepared Bizarre Battle Royale events where players can earn the Alien Emblem, Hunter Chests and keys. Additional details about the Awesome Battle Royale and all related events from here can be found.