A game on Steam tells you how to return it if you’re too bad

Cryptmaster, a dungeon crawler released on Steam in May, uses the power of words for interactive quests and turn-based combat. The game surprises with new mechanics and challenges players to fight their way through the kingdom, while also humorously pointing out when someone isn’t good enough.

What game is it? This is the game Cryptmaster, which was only released on Steam in May.

It’s a dungeon crawler where you interact and solve quests by typing or speaking words. You use the power of words to unleash forgotten spells and defeat sinister enemies in turn-based battles.

You’ll constantly discover new mechanics, from creature collecting to bard rap duels, as you fight your way through the kingdoms. However, if you don’t do well, the game will advise you to return it on Steam.

You can see the trailer for the game here:

In Cryptmaster you control the game with your words

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If even the game finds the performance too poor

How does the game tell you that you are too bad? The user StarSlay3er posts a sequence from the game on X in which she fails right at the beginning. The game asks her to write or say the word hit, which she deliberately ignores.

A sequence then appears telling her that the game is not for her. The game then goes on to explain that if she doesn’t understand the game, it’s not the game’s fault, but the player’s fault.

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The creature then asks if you have already played for more than two hours. If you say no, the creature explains how to return games on Steam. However, the game then asks if you want to try again. If you say no, the creature says goodbye to you.

What happens if you have been playing for more than 2 hours? User FrankieGonzo69 asks the user on X what would happen if she answered yes to the question if she had already played for more than two hours.

The user tries this out. In response, the creature tells her that it is unfortunately too late to return the game and that she should write the game off as an experience.

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