a first trailer unveiled, what release date?

a first trailer unveiled what release date

INDIANA JONES 5. During the São Paulo Comic Con, Lucasfilm unveiled the first trailer for Indiana Jones 5. Discover the video and the release date of the fifth film in the saga!

[Mis à jour le 2 décembre 2022 à 12h10] Like many studios, Disney and Lucasfilm are taking advantage of São Paulo Comic Con this year to announce their future releases for 2023. It was an opportunity to finally unveil the first trailer for Indiana Jones 5 which also offers an official title: Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny. At the time of this writing, the French title has not yet been revealed. In this trailer, we can discover Indiana Jones evolving at the end of the 60s but also in the 40s in a sequence where Harrison Ford was rejuvenated via absolutely stunning techniques. We also discover the character of Phoebe Waller-Bridge (Fleabag) who plays the adventurer’s niece. The film is expected for June 30, 2023 in the United States.

At the beginning of 2020, Disney announced a major change concerning Indiana Jones: Steven Spielberg will not direct the fifth film in the saga which features the archaeologist. At the time, the American magazine Variety explained that, according to someone close to Spielberg, the decision was entirely up to the filmmaker. Steven Spielberg would indeed like to pass the torch to a generation of younger directors so that they try to bring their own vision of the character and this 40-year-old license. Steven Spielberg will remain producer of this Indiana Jones 5 but will not be directly behind the camera, which is therefore a first since the beginning of the saga of the archaeologist with the whip in 1981.

It was American director James Mangold who signed with Disney and Lucasfilm to shoot Indiana Jones 5. Mangold, to whom we owe Walk The Line and Le Mans 66 (awarded two Oscars in February 2020), already lent to the exercise of following a strong license. He has indeed directed Wolverine Le Combat de l’immortel and especially Logan, a twilight superhero film much appreciated by critics and the public when it was released in 2017.