A film on the war in Gaza shown in the Assembly? To show what?

A film on the war in Gaza shown in the

REV (Ecological Revolution for the Living) MP Aymeric Caron wants to broadcast a film showing the “atrocities” committed in Gaza to volunteer parliamentarians.

An idea that is gaining ground. According to information from Le Parisien, the REV (Ecological Revolution for the Living) MP related to LFI, Aymeric Caron, wishes to broadcast images on the conflict between Israel and Hamas in the National Assembly. A project which echoes the viewing of a 45-minute film by the deputies on November 14 on the subject of the attacks committed by Hamas in October 2023. A broadcast which took place in the projection room of the Palais Bourbon.

A “journalistically impeccable” 40-minute film

For several months, Aymeric Caron has been compiling images of the war in the Gaza Strip and would like to show the extent of the damage to volunteer parliamentarians. According to Le Parisien, “a team of Arabic-speaking volunteers with whom he is in contact began editing on their own, mainly by collecting images from social networks.” The MP would like to make a film of around forty minutes and “journalistically impeccable, dating and sourcing each image” as indicated to the daily. “It’s information,” he also said.

The President of the National Assembly supports the project

A project which could very well see the light of day according to the President of the National Assembly, Yaël Braun-Pivet: “The deputies are free to exercise their mandate as they wish, they are perfectly free to organize the screenings that they want,” she explains on France Info. However, the latter has not yet received the request. One thing is certain, she would not be opposed to it, “a priori”.

The former journalist who initiated this project hopes that, in the same way as those of Hamas’s actions, “the images of the atrocities of the Israeli army will be broadcast”. Still according to Le Parisien, the president of the France Palestine study group (of which Aymeric Caron is a member), MoDem MP Richard Ramos, was informed of the project and could organize its dissemination. For several months, Aymeric Caron himself has published photos and videos taken in Gaza on his Instagram account. “Many people do not see what is happening in Gaza. There are no special envoys. Parliamentarians should see the images of the atrocities of the Israeli army, of children amputated alive, of grieving mothers ” he conceded on RMC. Will it be heard? Response in the coming weeks.