A DIY anti-stress shower gel with yuzu

A DIY anti stress shower gel with yuzu

Enjoy a very gentle washing product with the scent of yuzu, this citrus fruit that is both fresh and relaxing. Ideal for the evening shower before going to bed. Recipe taken from “My homemade cosmetics”, Sophie Macheteau, Leduc.s editions.

The yuzu is a japanese citrusmore and more popular in the kitchen. But it can also be used in natural cosmetic care. The proof with this shower gel do-it-yourselfanti stress !


100 ml of organic neutral washing base

35 drops of yuzu essential oil

The yuzu shower gel recipe

– Pour the shower gel into a bottle with a stopper.

– Add the essential oil by counting the number of drops.

– Mix everything by gently shaking the bottle.

How to use this DIY treatment

– Take a dab of shower gel in the palm of your hand.

– Apply all over the body, creating a lather.

– Rinse off with lukewarm water.

4 tips to enjoy it even more

– This treatment keeps well closed.

– Use it at night before going to sleep because yuzu, a hybrid of tangerine and lime, works on stress, anxiety and restlessness. It promotes falling asleep.

– Unlike other citrus essential oils, yuzu is not photosensitizing.

– This recipe is not recommended in case of pregnancy or breastfeeding, and is not suitable for children.

Recipe taken from “My homemade cosmetics”, Sophie Macheteau, Leduc.s editions.

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