a demonstration in support of Gaza brings together thousands of people in Washington

a demonstration in support of Gaza brings together thousands of

Thousands of demonstrators gather in Washington on June 8 against the action carried out by Israel in Gaza. They also denounce the attitude of American leaders whom they judge ” accomplices of a genocide. »

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Several thousand people responded to the call to demonstrate in front of the White House this Saturday, June 8. They arrive from several places in the country to La Fayette Square, the wooded park located in front of the White House, on the north side.

A metal and concrete barrier was installed around the White House, in addition to its already particularly massive gate. It is this grid which had been shaken a little during a previous pro-Palestinian demonstration. This time, that should not happen since the White House is in fact protected by a double wall.

The objective of the demonstrators today is to surround the presidential building, surround it and surround it with a band of red fabric. A red line put forward by the president Joe Biden himself. They believe that if this red line, an invasion, an attack against Rafah was blithely exceeded by Israel, without any consequences on the part of the UNITED STATES.

For the demonstrators, it is clear that American leaders, and Joe Biden in particular, are complicit in a genocide that began 8 months ago, on October 8. No reference, however, to what happened the day before with the Hamas attack.

Thousands of protesters also took to the streets of Paris and Lyon in France. The Colombian president Gustavo Petro has just announced the upcoming suspension of coal exports from his country to Israel as long as the war in the Gaza Strip continues. He had already announced in May the severance of diplomatic relations with Israel, describing the government of Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu as “ genocidal. »