A date has been given for the super electric YangWang U9 signed by BYD

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BYD signed super electric car model YangWang U9 After many different sharings, the official date for given.

has been on the agenda for a long time BYD YangWang U9 According to the official post, we will meet on February 25. YangWang U9 In the past months, it attracted attention with the fact that it was built on a truly unrivaled suspension system. The vehicle, which was unveiled with the video at the bottom of the page as part of the Shanghai Auto Show, is specifically It was centered on a suspension system called Disus-X.. BYD stated that this system consists of Smart Damping Body Control System, Smart Hydraulic Body Control System and Smart Air Body Control System. Thanks to this system vehicle that can jump on four wheelsThanks to its independent control infrastructure on three wheels without any problems (The disc does not rub on the ground at all) could travel. This infrastructure is just a “show” or “we did it to doBYD states that the system can also be used to reduce body sway, minimize the risk of rollover, and assist with full-throttle acceleration and emergency braking.


YangWang U9, As far as official data shows, it is a very, very powerful electric car model. The vehicle, whose ambitious design you can see above, will be taken to the roads. 1,305 horsepower producing (960 kW) four different electric motors It is based on. BYD e4 platform founded on 2.475kgEach engine in the model is available individually 240 kW power can provide. It can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 2 seconds. Transferred model, by FinDreams 100 kWh It centers on the battery pack and, according to previously shared data, can be used on a single charge. 700km It promises a good range like. The vehicle, which is a very expensive option in the Chinese market, will most likely never be released to global markets.