a darker episode, James Cameron revealed important elements

a darker episode James Cameron revealed important elements

While Avatar 2 continues to achieve incredible performances all over the world (more than a billion at the box office, and already 7.5 million admissions in France), its sequels are already in post-production. As we know, James Cameron has already shot entirely Avatar 3 and parts of Avatar 4, expected respectively for 2024 and 2026, knowing that a fifth is also in the pipeline for 2028 (if performance allows). But what do these next films have in store for us? After the events that unfolded in Avatar 2, we all wonder if JakeSully’s family will stay among the reef people, the Metkayina, or flee to other places? James Cameron provided some clarification duringan interview with our colleagues from 20 Minutes, dating from December 10, several days before the film’s release in theaters. The Canadian filmmaker lets us know that Avatar 3 will allow us to meet another people, that of the ashes, called the Ash People in the film. The idea for James Cameron is to show another facet of the Na’vi, portrayed so far in a very positive way, while the Humans are shown as the big bad guys. The roles will then be reversed in Avatar 3, in order to continue to nuance his remarks and make us discover parts of Pandora still unknown.

What can we expect for the next movies?

To cultures different from those I have already shown. The fire will be represented by the “Ash People”. I want to reveal the Nav’is from another angle because, for the moment, I have only shown their good sides. In the early films, there are very negative human examples and very positive Navi’s examples. In Avatar 3, we’ll do the opposite. We will also explore new universes while continuing the story of the main characters.

James Cameron takes the opportunity to specify that the next episodes of Avatar will be the best, explaining that the first two were appetizers before we were served the main course. What we hyper a little more by the release of Avatar 3, scheduled for December 18, 2024.