A corticosteroid found in (known) cosmetics, the products are withdrawn from sale

A corticosteroid found in known cosmetics the products are withdrawn

The sale of Joëlle Ciocco brand cosmetics is suspended until further notice, announces the National Medicines Agency, following the discovery of betamethasone in certain products. This corticosteroid can only be used with a medical prescription.

[La décision de police sanitaire a été abrogée le 22 décembre 2023]. The sale of Joëlle Ciocco Paris brand products is suspended until further notice, announces the National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products (ANSM) on March 15. The cosmetics brand of beautician Joelle Ciocco must suspend the manufacturing, marketing, advertising, distribution and use of its products. The ANSM asks the company to withdraw all of its products from sale. For what ? During checks carried out with the Directorate General for Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control (DGCCRF) in June 2022 in the brand’s laboratories, the ANSM discovered that “certain products prepared specifically for customers contained a corticosteroid, betamethasone, which is included in the composition of medicines and which can only be used as part of a medical prescription“Joëlle Ciocco cosmetics are put on the market.”while safety reports and information files are not established for these products” and the labeling of the products does not mention:

  • precautions for use and warnings, as well as any indications concerning the special precautions to be observed for cosmetic products for professional use;
  • the INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) list for products used in care centers;
  • the address indicated on the products does not correspond to the address where the responsible person keeps the product information file available;

What is betamethasone and what are the health risks?

There betamethasone is a corticosteroid listed on list I of poisonous substances and which has anti-inflammatory properties. It is indicated to treat certain dermatological pathologies such as eczema, psoriasis or atopic dermatitis. Betamethasone should not be applied to the face unless formally prescribed by a doctor as it may cause serious irritation.undesirable effects. Prolonged use in particular may result in skin fragility, acne, depigmentation and skin atrophy.

What should I do if I used a Joëlle Ciocco brand product?

First of all throw away the products and no longer use them. If an adverse effect occurs after using these products, it is advisable to go consult a doctor and report it on the portal for reporting adverse health events of the Ministry of Health.

Source: ANSM suspends the marketing of cosmetic products from the Joëlle Ciocco Paris brand, press release, March 15, 2023, ANSM.