A check for 150 euros automatically paid to 5.6 million French people

A check for 150 euros automatically arrives at 56 million

Valuable financial aid arrives in mailboxes every day.

It was awaited by a good number of French people, it is finally arriving! After a real-false suspense over its payment date, a check for an average amount of 150 euros begins to be sent to more than 5.6 million households. Received directly in mailboxes, it is sent automatically, without any action to be taken, ready to be consumed. But don’t think you can go shopping or shopping with it, its use is very restricted.

As for several years now, it is in fact the energy check which is currently received by households with low incomes. The objective: to help pay part of the electricity, gas or wood bill (only one bill can be paid with this assistance).

Depending on whether you live alone, as a couple, with or without children, the amount granted to you varies. At a minimum, eligible people receive 48 euros, the maximum being set at 277 euros. On average, 150 euros are paid to each eligible household.

Concretely, a couple with two children must earn almost no more than the minimum wage (1,398.70 euros net per month each) to receive the energy check. Aid of 76 euros will then be paid to him. On the other hand, a single person on minimum wage cannot receive the energy check. To find out if you are able to receive this boost, simply read two lines on your last tax notice: the reference tax income and the number of shares. This painting then allows you to immediately know whether you are eligible or not.

The sending, carried out automatically by the Ministry of the Economy, is done in stages. Thus, all French people who are eligible for this check do not receive it at the same time. These are first of all Indre, the Overseas Territories, part of the East, Hauts-de-France or even the south-western quarter of France, as well as Seine-Saint-Denis, which hit first. For these territories, shipping began on Tuesday April 2 and lasts until Friday April 5. The campaign will end with, mainly, Île-de-France, whose inhabitants will receive the check between Monday April 22 and Thursday April 25.

Don’t worry if you don’t receive the energy check during the announced dates. Firstly, postal delays can delay the arrival of mail. Also, the services responsible for drawing up the list of eligible people may have missed out. A complaints platform will be put online in mid-May.