a ceremony in tribute to CAN 2024 volunteers

a ceremony in tribute to CAN 2024 volunteers

In Ivory Coast, more than a month after the end of the African Cup of Nations, the authorities organized a ceremony to thank the volunteers who contributed to the organization of this event. For most young people, it was a question of capitalizing on this experience.

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With our correspondent in Abidjan, Bineta Diagne

They wore green T-shirts which allowed them to be identified in the stadiums and villages of the CAN in Ivory Coast. Among them, Rachelle. This 23-year-old student was mobilized to raise awareness about social issues: “ What struck me was the awareness of abuse and discrimination. In any case, it really struck me because it was a good subject », Reports the young woman.

Isaac, 26 years old, computer science student, was in charge of welcoming players to the stadium. This experience, he says, gave him new skills: “ Well before the CAN, I had difficulty working in a group, but now, since I had the experience of the CAN, it does not pose a problem for me. I can work now with pressure, it really trained me “, he assures.

Promote their professional integration

In all, 20,000 volunteers and 10,000 volunteers were recruited to help organize the CAN 2024. They should now join a government program to facilitate their professional integration.

All these volunteers will be made available to local authorities, in particular the regions and town halls. They will be made available to technical and financial partners. One of the reforms on the integration policy this year is to ensure that volunteers are henceforth prioritized in all integration policies in our country. », Indicates Mamadou Touré, the Minister of Youth Promotion. This program should be launched in the coming days.

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