A case of embezzlement of several billion FCFA shakes the agricultural bank of Niger

A case of embezzlement of several billion FCFA shakes the

After a control at the Bagri, the inspectors of the Centif discovered important embezzlements within the agricultural bank of Niger.

With our correspondent in Niamey, Moussa Kaka

It all started with a routine check at the Banque Agricole du Nigerthe Bagri, during which the inspectors of the national financial information processing unit, the Centif, highlighted suspicious movements of large funds.

The institution specializing in the dismantling of financial trafficking found that several billion FCFA were lodged in the account of a subordinate agent of the bank. Even more surprisingly, several hundreds of thousands of FCFA were found in the account of the bank orderly.

By continuing its investigations, the Centif realized that more than four billion FCFA were subtracted from the coffers of Bagri. Very quickly, the case was sent to the High Court of Niamey. The dean of the judges arrested six people, including four senior executives of the bank, including the general manager and the accounting manager. A judge from the economic and judicial department was then seized and placed the defendants under a warrant of committal.

This diversion of several billion FCFA to Bagri, which is already beating its wings, has been widely commented on social networks and puts Bagri, an already weakened institution whose mission is to help the rural world through agricultural loans, in a very bad position.