A camera capable of shooting 156.3 trillion frames per second has been developed

A camera capable of shooting 1563 trillion frames per second

With a focus on scientific use Capable of shooting 156.3 trillion frames per second A very special camera system developed.

Nowadays, there are many camera models that can shoot at high speed. In fact, smartphone models have been able to shoot at high speed for a while now. However, in some cases, these speeds are definitely not enough. That’s why researchers at the Canada-based Institut national de la recherche scientifique (INRS) have developed a very special camera system called SCARF (Swept-coded aperture real-time femtophotography). As we said above, with a focus on scientific use SCARF, which can shoot exactly 156.3 trillion frames per second, It allows recording of events occurring at incredibly high speeds and thus can provide scientists with different perspectives. SCARF, highlighted as the fastest in the world, According to researchers, it is in a very special position that can benefit advances in physics, biology, chemistry, materials science, engineering and other subjects. SCARF, which currently has a single example and is a research project, will become more accessible in the future. Because it is stated that the researchers aim to commercialize the camera by working with companies called Axis Photonique and Few-Cycle. SCARF, which is reported to have a lower cost than its counterparts and can operate with lower energy needs, is built on a slightly different complex structure than old solutions.