a broadcast date and an unexpected casting revealed

a broadcast date and an unexpected casting revealed

MASK SINGER 2024. Season 6 of Mask Singer arrives in May on TF1. A rather unexpected casting has already been revealed…

Mask Singer is already back on TF1. The flagship show of the first channel will return in May, in the wake of Dancing with the Stars which is coming to an end after an eventful season. The hunt for animals and other diverse and varied characters will, as expected, occupy Friday evening prime time from May 3, 2024, at 9:10 p.m. With the announcement of the date for season 6 of its flagship program, TF1 wanted to raise the excitement a notch after the first revelations at the start of the year. This new season notably offers a surprising cast.

Mask Singer indeed marks the return of familiar faces and the introduction of newcomers to the panel of investigators. Comedian Kev Adams, pillar of the jury since the show’s debut in 2019, will welcome alongside him actress Chantal Ladesou, who had already made an impression during the fourth season. They will be joined this year by the sparkling Inès Reg, not really in the scent of holiness since an altercation with Natasha St-Pier in DALS.

Another unexpected investigator: Laurent Ruquier, emblematic figure of French television, rather accustomed to talk shows and news and society programs for several years (We are not in bed, We are liveand recently Ruquier’s 8 p.m. on BFM which did not meet with the expected success). After a notable appearance in the Lobster costume last year, the former comedian returns with Mask Singer to the popular entertainment he loves,We tried everything to Children of TV passing through the Big heads which he still animates.

Laurent Ruquier relays Camille Combal in “Mask Singer: the investigation continues”

Laurent Ruquier will not be content with his role as investigator, since he will also take control of the second part of the evening. Succeeding Camille Combal in “Mask Singer: the investigation continues”, he will collect the impressions of the unmasked stars.

In addition to the panel of investigators, the show itself is reinventing itself, promises TF1 with twelve competing characters, but also duos and special participations. More than twenty celebrities, including two “international stars” whose names remain mysterious, will slip under the colorful costumes of the program to amaze the jury and the viewers.

What costumes in Mask Singer 2024?

The mask singer 2024 costume list, partially revealed, includes figures as original as the Pickle, the Scarecrow, the Hamster, the Leopard, and the Hippopotamus, highlighting the ingenuity and creativity that make the success of the show. These costumes, combined with the clues scattered throughout the episodes, will be crucial in unraveling the enigma of the identity of the participants.

Season 5 of “Mask Singer” was able to attract a large audience, with an average audience increase compared to previous seasons. It was the singer Vincent Niclo, hidden in the Husky costume, who was crowned winner of the 2023 edition, ahead of the Doe (Aurélie Konaté) and the Camel (the influencer couple Nico and Daniela Capone). The identities of the three finalists had been guessed several weeks in advance by Internet users who took part in the investigation.

Program sheet

Obviously impossible to know the identity of the candidate stars of Mask Singer 2024. During season 5 of Mask Singer, we found in the costumes Vincent Niclo (the Husky), Aurélie Konaté (the Doe), Nico and Daniela Capone (the Camel), Tina Arena (the Carnivorous Plant), Adeline Toniutti (the Alien), Zaho (the Witch), Cartman (the Zebra), Anny Duperey (the Phoenix), Jean-Marc Généreux (the Lama), André Bouchet says Passe-Partout (the Caterpillar), Laura Flessel, Martin Lamotte and Charlotte Gaccio (the Medusa). Among the guest stars, there were also Mel B (the Sun), Anastacia (the Kangaroo), Anggun (the Bull) and Laurent Ruquier (the Lobster).

The sixth season of Mask Singer began on May 3, 2024 on TF1. While the 2022 season tested broadcasting on Tuesday evenings, the first channel revised its copy last year by returning to prime time on Fridays. Season 6 is therefore scheduled every Friday evening from 9:10 p.m. Each bonus is followed by a “Mask Singer: the investigation continues”, presented this year by Laurent Ruquier.

The cast of Mask Singer investigators was almost entirely revised for Mask Singer season 4, with the exception of Kev Adams. For season 6, broadcast in spring 2024, the casting has changed again, but marginally: Kev Adams is back with Chantal Ladesou. They are accompanied this year by Inès Reg and Laurent Ruquier. Previously, Jeff Panacloc, Michèle Bernier, Elodie Frégé, Jarry, Anggun, Alessandra Sublet and Vitaa were part of the Mask Singer quartet of investigators.