A beloved Stranger Things character stars in a thrill-seeking horror film

Stranger Things fan-favorite Joseph Quinn will star in the new horror film Relapse, which the American Psycho author will direct.

Actor Joseph Quinn, who made his breakthrough with his role in the popular series Stranger Things, will star in the promising horror film Relapse. The project is led by Bret Easton Ellis, the acclaimed author of the bestselling American Psycho, known for his captivating and dark stories. The horror film promises to be a nerve-racking experience.

Joseph Quinn stars in new psychological horror film Relapse

Joseph Quinn has become an integral part of Hollywood. He established himself as a fan favorite with his impressive performance as Eddie Munson in the fourth season of Stranger Things. He will soon be seen in the Gladiator 2 films and also the new Marvel’s Fantastic Four.

The fact that Joseph Quinn is taking on the lead role raises expectations even further. His previous performances, particularly in Stranger Things, have shown that he is a talented actor capable of bringing complex characters to life believably.

What is the movie about? According to Variety, the film follows Matt Cullen (played by Joseph Quinn), a young man who enters rehab after a traumatic experience at a drug-fueled party.

Matt, driven by his unstable personality and the overwhelming influence of social media, experiences increasing paranoia that disrupts his rehabilitation program. When he begins using drugs again, a mysterious presence surrounds him and a monster from his youth reveals itself to him again. His therapist tries to help and is convinced that the monster only exists in Matt’s head.

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The first film from American Psycho author Bret Easton Ellis

Relapse will be Bret Easton Ellis’ first film as director. He is an experienced author in the USA with cult status who has already successfully adapted three of his books for the big screen – including American Psycho and Less Than Zero. American Psycho is his most famous work. In 2000, the novel was made into a film by director Mary Harron and starred Christian Bale.

His books are written in a dry, satirical style and he describes acts of violence in great detail, which led to controversial discussions. It was clear to him that he would make his directorial debut with a horror film. He writes about this:

I grew up with the legendary horror films of the 1970s. I wrote ‘Lunar Park’, a horror novel, as a tribute to Stephen King. It seems appropriate that my first feature film would be a horror film. “Relapse” has a simplicity that seems to be the perfect form for my directorial debut: something direct and impactful.

Bret Easton Ellis via Variety

Bret Easton Ellis describes Relapse as a personal film that contains his signature themes of sex, drugs and paranoia. He emphasizes that it is a monster film that takes place in the upscale surroundings of Los Angeles and focuses on its typical characters – young, good-looking and wealthy people.

SND’s Ramy Nahas praises the film for its marriage of the horror genre with Ellis’ unique perspective, emphasizing the importance of the compelling script and rising star actor. Nicolas Rolland, who is producing the film at SND, explains that Relapse will have a tangible presence comparable to well-known films such as The Thing, Pan’s Labyrinth, The Host or Alien.

There is currently no release date for the film and no information yet as to whether the horror film will appear in cinemas or on streaming platforms.

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