a 4-year-old child seriously injured, what happened

a 4 year old child seriously injured what happened

Following an accident on April 30, a boy risks having his hand amputated after being hit by a merry-go-round. The family sued for unintentional injuries.

A new drama Throne Fair. On Sunday, April 30, a 4-year-old boy had his hand caught in an attraction’s treadmill. The carousel did not stop despite the fall of the child. As a result, a finger, arteries and nerves were severed. He had to undergo an autotransplantation, but, according to BFMTV, he is still at risk of amputation.

This child had gone to the edge of the Bois de Vincennes with his aunt to take advantage of the Foire du Trône. She tells the microphone of BFMTV the course of the accident: “He is dragged to the end of the carpet and it’s instantaneous: he is swallowed by the machine and he screams, he screams. We see immediately that there is something very serious.”

The child waited almost an hour to be treated at the hospital

She then criticizes the showmen for having lacked responsiveness: “The carousel staff who were there remain in a state of shock, no one is moving. I shout ‘call the firefighters’, we are all splattered with blood, the little one cries!” It is a firefighter in civilian clothes, fortunately present on the scene, who assists this child. But help will not arrive until 50 minutes later. A much too long delay for the family: “Nobody comes to help us, it’s serious. We are at the Foire du Trône, in Paris, nobody comes to help us. No more sound or image from the town hall of Paris , the Fair of the Throne or the fairgrounds.

An investigation was entrusted to the police station of the 12th arrondissement of Paris following the filing of a complaint by the boy’s family for involuntary injuries. The Foire du Trône reacted to this accident: according to them, a safety commission in connection with the prefecture had checked the carousel in question and had found nothing dangerous. This attraction meets European standards. The organizers indicate that this is the first accident on this carousel.