a 2.4 update and 5 million players later…

a 24 update and 5 million players later

As BlizzCon 2020 prepares behind the scenes, Blizzard Entertainment lets us know that Diablo II Resurrected has just been the subject of a big update, 2.4, already available and which will bring a lot of changes in the balancing of the game, especially at the level of classes, which will change the game’s paradigm. Blizzard specifies that the last Diablo II class balancing update dates back to version 1.13c, released on March 23, 2010. An eternity! The list of changes, new features and other fixes is listed on the official website and there for several tens of seconds of scrolling. Otherwise, Blizzard lets us know that Diablo 2 Resurrected has over 5 million players today, which is a very good performance.


– Support for non-ASCII characters
– Added a system message for players trying to launch the game from an outdated version
– Added a “Message of the Day” system in the main menu to allow us to share important updates with players
– New feature: Legacy graphics emulation
There is now an option in the graphics settings menu, in the “Legacy” section, that lets you choose between three ways to emulate Legacy graphics. These options are “GDI”, “Glide” and “Resurrected”.
– “GDI” emulates the software dithering of the original game and does not apply any filtering;
– “Glide” emulates the accelerated back-end of the original game with bilinear filtering;
– “Resurrected” uses Glide emulation with additional fixes to address a display issue that occurred with the original Glide renderer.
– Developer Comment: We think “Resurrected” is the go-to emulation mode for players to use, but we noticed during the RPT that some preferred the Legacy graphics style from launch, which had no filtering and looked more like software dithering from the original game. We hope that these emulation modes will allow everyone to choose Legacy graphics according to their preferences.

– Improved the reliability of pets, summons and mercenaries by making them teleport towards the player instead of disappearing

– Updated Leap and Leap Attack animation to give them a smoother trajectory and allow the Barbarian to stay on screen all the time, while reducing hitch on landing

Character selection
– Newly created characters are now at the top of the selection list

– Holding down a mouse button to target an enemy with a skill will cause the skill to continue executing after that enemy dies
– Minimap now automatically opens on character death, if it was already open before dying
– Maximum amount of arrows and dashes increased to 500
– Increased the amount of throwing weapons by 50%
Blocking no longer interrupts the player when performing a skill or attack. If a player triggers a block at this time, the damage will cancel, but the animation will not play
– Changed how attack speed is determined in dual weapon combat. Switching hands should no longer change attack speed as significantly
– Your character’s hit recovery will now have diminishing returns when hit by another player
– The behavior of quick skills has been changed so that quick skills associated with left click work the same as those associated with right click
– Developer Comments: We want to fix some incongruous locks that prevent the player from casting spells. In PvP, we’ve added a way to reduce the chaining of cooldowns to avoid the very rare cases of players getting stuck for too long.

– Mercenary UIs will now specify if a mercenary cannot use a skill due to its low level.

Online game
– Added a system message for players trying to create a private channel with a name that exceeds the character limit
– Added an in-game /offline command to set your presence to “offline”
– Added option to allow players to control access to private games on console
– Added a key to show/hide the game password
– Players can now purchase keys and pre-filled tomes with a controller

– Optimized particle effects on some consoles
– Added visual effects quality option on PC
– Optimization of quick storage actions to reduce delay

– Offline game difficulty scaling settings will now persist between game sessions
– Added an option to limit or not confine the cursor to the boundaries of the game screen
– Added VRAM usage bar in settings menu