9 tips for aging without aging

9 tips for aging without aging

Aging is a word we don’t like. It is however possible to advance in age without degrading! Advice from Natacha Dzikowski, author of “Looks good in your age”.

There are birthdays we don’t like to celebrate. It starts at 40 years old already and often 50 years old is worse … This age being marked by great upheavals: menopause, departure of children who have grown up …

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However, if physiologically we are obliged to take a year on paper each year, we do not have to age. “Getting older is part of life”, concedes Natacha Dzikowski, former Director of communication and image for major luxury and beauty brands, founder of a consulting company and blog https://natachadzikowski.com/.

“But in our society, we mix up aging and aging, behind the word aging hiding a fear of bodily degradation and professional and social isolation, she denounces. We have several ages : that of our birth certificate, that of our organs, that reflected in the gaze of others and finally that which we feel “, she decrypts.

“We must decomplex the relationship to age, no longer associate it with old age. We can continue to have a body that functions perfectly well and that does not have the same appearance”, she asserts. In short, let’s focus on the ages that are not our birth ages! For this, it is important to understand how the body works, especially after menopause. “We must become an expert of ourselves”, indicates Natacha Dzikowski *. She offers us a method to take care of her body and her mind. Here are 9 tips that came out of it.

* His book to be published on September 28, 2021: Beautiful & Well in her age, My method for aging without aging, Editions Leduc.s

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