9 savory verrines recipes to savor this summer

9 savory verrines recipes to savor this summer

To treat yourself and fill up on vitamins this summer, choose the seasonal vegetables at will. Cream soup, gazpacho, diced vegetables, panna cotta, there is something for everyone.

Which ingredients to choose?

Do not hesitate to test different combinations of tastes, colors or even play on the sweet and savory side. However, avoid superimposing too many layers: beyond 4, your verrines may be heavy and the tastes difficult to harmonize.

On the same subject

For summer, bet on freshness with seasonal vegetables. You can also add creaminess with cream cheese, creating a mousse or a cold soup. To that, layer more tender and / or more crispy layers.

Before tasting your verrines, keep them cold until ready to serve.

The verrines, the fresh and simple summer trick

Sweet or savory, the verrines are very quick and easy to prepare. If you are not an ace in the kitchen or want to enjoy your guests, make simple recipes the day before.

Favor the use of shot glasses for your liquid preparations. Wider glasses can be used more for mixing solid and liquid ingredients

Do not hesitate to immerse yourself in your traditional cookbooks or to discover our Top Health recipes to transform them into verrines.

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