9 foolproof tricks that will make baby laugh out loud

9 foolproof tricks that will make baby laugh out loud

To make baby laugh, you often have to use your imagination. Between facial expressions, gestures, noises, the “Coucou” game… There are several ways to amuse baby. Here are 8 tips to make baby laugh out loud for sure.

make baby laugh is the hobby of many parents. Laughter in young children is above all a way to communicate and it also serves to develop your future sense of humor. Dr. Caspar Addyman, specializing in psychology, director of the InfantLab service at the University of London and author of the book Babies Laugh At Peekabooestimate that babies’ laughter is “social”. “They laugh with us to connect and learn from us”he explains to our colleagues from Huffingtonpost UK. Generally, babies laugh in response to visual or auditory stimuli. But still need to know what to do to make baby laugh out loud. Here are the expert’s tips and those of the editorial staff to succeed in helping baby laugh without forcing him.

“Babies laugh with us to connect and learn from us.”

1- The peekaboo game

THE peekaboo game, with the hands, usually works every time to make a baby laugh. You just have to stand in front of baby, hide your face between your hands and then open them by showing yourself and saying “Hi babe” in a soft, singsong voice.

2- Tickles (but not too much)

The tickles and the guillis, especially on the sensitive areas of the body (under the arms, on the stomach, the ribs, the arch of the foot), are a source of laughter in babies. But be careful not to overdo them and not to do them too frequently. Because some tickling can be unpleasant for the young child.

3- Funny noises

Babies also react with a laugh when they hear funny noises, like footsteps intensifying. For example, baby is crawling on the floor, he hears you behind him making loud footsteps, which get faster as they get closer to him. It can also be ball noises or any other rolling games and that the child must catch up, of the comic soundsor even crumpled paper sounds (cardstock or plastic).

4- Imitations

THE funny imitations have a knack for making babies giggle. For example, you can impersonate his favorite animal or a little clown. Of course, the idea here is not to imitate a scary character, but a fun character to trigger bursts of laughter in the child. Imitation also generally has a learning function, it stimulates and motivates the child to try to imitate in turn. And if you start to imitate baby as soon as he speaks or by reproducing each of his gestures, it’s guaranteed fun!

5- Tongue pulling

Some parents won’t be a fan of this idea, but when thewe kindly stick out our tongue in front of a baby, it tends to make him die of laughter. And the more you insist on hanging your tongue, the more he will try to stick out his too. He will do pure imitation in turn.

6- Blow into baby’s hair or neck

Blow air into baby’s hair or neck is a trick that may amuse some young children. The blown air will ruffle their hair and in reaction, they will try to extract themselves from your breath and in this little game, bursts of laughter quickly arrived. Obviously, you don’t blow with all your might on the baby, or on his face. We pay attention to his gestures so as not to rush him or scare him.

7- The “catch me if you can” game

When they are old enough to crawl, babies love play “catch me if you can”. Generally, it’s a game that amuses them, because in the action, in order not to get caught, they will speed up their pace and with the adrenaline, they will end up laughing at the same time. To do this, you just have to put baby on the ground, take a little distance from him, wait for him to start crawling and trot slowly behind him as if you were going to catch him. You can also clap your hands lightly to let him know you’re approaching him. Laughter guaranteed!

8- Funny faces

THE funny faces are essential to hear your baby laughing, but also, it is by imitating you that your child will develop this form of facial language. You can have fun making him funny facesby exaggerating the smile, by widening the eyes, by sticking out the tongue, quite simply by accentuating the features of your face.

9 – The surprise effect

Hide next to his bed, his deckchair or behind a door and surprise baby (nicely) by appearing as if by magic. Like the peekaboo game, this time, the added surprise effect will have a funny effect on baby. Be careful not to scare him either. You can also play this surprise effect by carrying it in your arms and making it appear in front of a mirror.