8-year-old boy dies in pitbull attack in South Africa

8 year old boy dies in pitbull attack in South Africa

According to the news of the state television SABC, a pitbull dog that escaped from its owner’s house in Bloemfontein, the judicial capital of the country, entered the neighboring house and attacked the 8-year-old boy. The boy, who was bitten in the neck and chest by Pitbull, died at the scene.


In a statement made by Bloemfontein (Mangaung) Deputy Mayor, Mapaseka Mothibi-Nkoane, a call was made to hand over the pitbull dogs that pose a danger in the region to the municipal teams.

In the statement, it was also shared that the regulations for pets will be applied more strictly from now on.

In the statement made by the Sizwe Kupelo Foundation, it was stated that all pitbull dogs in the country should be neutered.

Earlier this year, the South African Pitbull Federation said the increase in attacks on children by this breed of dog was alarming. (AA)