74th anniversary of UGL, the “Debate on participation” in Milan

74th anniversary of UGL the Debate on participation in Milan

(Finance) – It took place in Milan the meeting promoted byUGL by title “Debate on participation” to celebrate the 74th anniversary of the Union. The event coincides with the closing of the UGL national tour “Work is Participation” which, after leaving Rome, traveled through all twenty Italian regions. The objective was to raise awareness among public opinion and institutions on the importance of worker participation in companies. On this occasion, the fourth issue of Azione Sindacale’s “Pagine Libere” magazine dedicated entirely to the topic was also presented.
“The 74th anniversary of the UGL falls at a crucial historical moment for a union like the UGL which has always considered the issue of worker participation a priority battle since its foundation. The UGL presented its proposals to the Labor and Finance Committee of the Chamber – he said Paul Capone, UGL General Secretary, – which go in the direction of strengthening the involvement of workers in strategic company choices. The objective is to define a new paradigm of industrial relations in which profits are aimed at remunerating not only capital but also labour. On board a bus, we crossed Italy to address the theme of participation, concretely declining it in individual company realities, to arrive at the complete realization of the art. 46 of the Italian Constitution” Capone commented again.

“There safetyi low wages and the greater productivity they are essential issues that require the active participation of workers” continued Capone. “Every territory in Italy has a tissue productive very distinct. The country, which develops from north to south with even substantial differences between the different areas, we believe should not lose this characteristic of originality which distinguishes Italy also at an international level. To do this, however, we need to support the economic sectors. Relieving the world of work from the strong tax pressure, bringing the demand and supply of work closer together, encouraging training, including for the new generations, and strengthening the protection of workers’ rights by implementing participation in the management of companies, are the priorities of the UGL”.

“We also need a strong mobilization in the area to stop the drama of the deaths at work. In every city we went to – concluded Capone – we encountered stories of lives broken unjustly. Workers must feel safe in the workplace, they must know that they are protected by companies and institutions. It is crucial for us to continue investing to strengthen the control system and help spread a culture of safety at every level.”

The meeting was attended by: Francis CarlesiPresident of the “State and Participation” Institute, Maurice CastroScientific Director of the CUOA Master in Business Strategy, Luca WelshPhD in Law and Human Sciences e John ScansaniCorporate Welfare Advisor, contract professor at the Catholic University of Milan.