7 useful tips from midwives on what to avoid doing to have a better experience during childbirth

7 useful tips from midwives on what to avoid doing

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    When it comes to childbirth, the midwife is surely the best person to get advice from. Here are seven useful recommendations, so you know exactly what to avoid doing during childbirth.

    Interviewed by HuffPost, several midwives explained what should absolutely be avoided during childbirth. Here are seven valuable tips to keep in mind on your big day.

    Do not try to induce labor

    Are you impatiently waiting to meet your child but the due date has passed? However, you should not ask for your labor to be induced, recommends midwife Hanna Murray. “Induction is good if it’s medically necessary, but if it’s just because you’re tired of being pregnant, then it’s best to avoid it” estimates the midwife.

    Be careful not to exhaust yourself at the start of work

    Resting before a full marathon can be so valuable” advises Lo Mansfield. Childbirth is indeed a moment that will last several hours and the last moments are the most trying. It is therefore essential to take care of yourself, to save your strength for the end, when you will have to push intensely to give birth to Baby.

    Don’t go to the maternity ward too early

    Contrary to what some people think, the child will not be born as soon as labor begins. As soon as the first contractions begin, they are spaced far enough apart and allow time to calmly go to the maternity ward.

    Moreover, staying at home is beneficial, according to health professionals. “Being more comfortable in your environment will greatly contribute to your progress in the job. Really, the longer you start working at home, the better.” they advise.

    Don’t worry about the time

    “Covering the clock while working is a simple way to help you focus more on finishing work and less on how long it lasts” advises a specialist. This will prevent you from getting lost in your calculations to find out how long your labor lasted and from worrying unnecessarily if it ends up being longer than you had imagined.

    Be careful of lights that are too bright

    This may seem like a small thing, but in reality, the lights in the room where you give birth have an impact on labor. Having bright lights is therefore not recommended, as it can slow it down: “They inhibit the melatoninwhich in turn can inhibit oxytocin, the hormone responsible for contractions. they explain.

    Don’t do something you refuse

    Finally, midwives recommend never doing something against your will. “Vou should never feel intimidated or pressured into doing something you don’t want to do, indicates one of them. “Ask the risks, the benefits, and what your other options are, and you may find that you have more options than you thought.”

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