7 tips to hide your pregnancy for the first few months

7 tips to hide your pregnancy for the first few

If you want to wait until the third month to announce your pregnancy to those around you and your employer, these few tips should be useful to you, to discreetly hide your rounded belly.

You’re pregnant, but it’s not time to tell everyone yet? Indeed, most expectant mothers wait on average until the third month of pregnancy before revealing that they are expecting a happy event. By superstition, or quite simply because at the beginning of pregnancy, the risks of miscarriage are greater, and it is better to wait to check that everything is going well, during the first trimester ultrasound. From the end of the first month of pregnancy, your belly will round more and more. It is more or less visible according to the morphologies: some will have no trouble hiding their belly while for others, the curves will be quickly apparent. And then, how can you avoid arousing suspicion if you suddenly stop consuming tobacco and alcohol altogether, that you no longer have the strength to follow the physical activity classes which were particularly intensive, that you eat more smoked salmon or cold meats… To go unnoticed, here are some tips that will help you hide your pregnancy for the very first few months:

1 – Wear loose clothes, scarves or headscarves

Of course, wearing tight clothes would mean announcing to those around you that you are pregnant. You can always try to justify yourself on a possible weight gain, or blame the hearty lunch, but it is preferable to wear loose clothing (t-shirt, sweater or wide dresses). Shirts are perfect for camouflaging the start of pregnancy because they are often wide at the bottom. As far as pants are concerned, start already with maternity pants, which will avoid tightening your waist and making your belly stick out even more. Another tip: wear scarves or large scarves that hang down the front! We will see only fire!

2 – Pretend to be on a diet (before gaining pregnancy pounds)

If we are surprised that you no longer eat charcuterie, cheese platters, and that you have stopped drinking wine, make those around you believe that you have discovered a fabulous new diet, which involves a whole change in your diet. . You will see the results in three months, and so will they!

3 – Invite friends over for dinner

Rather than being invited to your friends’ house, and not having control of the menu at the risk of appearing to the difficult and rude person who refuses to eat a starter, main course or dessert… offer them to come to your house! You can freely prepare a balanced dish, with everything you are allowed to eat on the menu!

4- Use wine, have it drunk by the future dad

Ask the future dad to help you, sometimes, to hide the truth. Also, if you are served a glass of wine, you have the choice of refusing, or accepting it, without drinking it… When everyone’s eyes are turned, exchange your glasses with your spouse or ask him to drink it for you. You can also remember that you are driving and prefer to stick to non-alcoholic drinks to toast.

5 – Stuck back, canceled sports sessions

Did you used to do body attack, running, muscle building sessions or cardio training with your girlfriends? Only then, pregnancy exhausts you, and the first few months, you prefer to walk quietly or go to the swimming pool rather than continuing too intensive activities. The bottom line: go at your own pace! If your friends are wondering why you missed classes in the last few weeks, tell them that you got your back a little stuck, and that your osteo is now recommending gentle sessions.

6 – “Cigarettes? I had to quit for 5 years!”

You’ve been a smoker for many years, and no one (not even doctors) has managed to get you to put out your last cigarette butt! But from the first day you found out about your pregnancy, you had no trouble quitting smoking… So how do you explain it to those around you? Just tell them that you made this new resolution at the beginning of the year, and that you realized that you were smoking way too much. Your distant uncle died of lung cancer, it’s high time to take care of your health. You can also say, quite simply, that you have switched to electronic cigarettes and that it is very effective or that you have simply decided to reduce your consumption. Who knows, your interlocutor may do the same!

7 – See friends on weekends, in the afternoon

Fatigue is felt from the first months of pregnancy. And your friends don’t always understand that you are no longer available as before, in the evening, until past midnight. However, this baby in full development takes all your energy, your body being in full transformation. Result: you sleep every night at 9 p.m., at the latest at 10 p.m., the time at which you started your evenings. Take the lead and invite your friends to see them at the weekend, for lunch or brunch at noon, for a walk in the early afternoon…