7.4 magnitude Taiwan earthquake also hit TSMC company

74 magnitude Taiwan earthquake also hit TSMC company

The 7.4 magnitude Taiwan earthquake that occurred in the past hours and caused serious damage TSMC also the company hit.

Based in Taiwan, the world’s biggest name in semiconductors TSMC, After the 7.4 magnitude Taiwan earthquake, it had to stop some processor / chip production lines. The company evacuated its personnel from certain facilities after the earthquake, will face serious delays due to this surprising situation. Despite all kinds of special systems and technologies, it is necessary to be very precise in the chip production process. After such major earthquakes, companies generally do not have the chance not to stop production. Now, after waiting a while longer, the company will do damage control and most likely throw away the production during the earthquake, and the global chip production process will be stopped. It once again reminds us that we are in a very dangerous area in general.. As far as it is reported, large facilities producing high-end chips / processors almost all located in AsiaMost of the facilities are located in regions that produce and may produce major earthquakes. Taiwan and Japan, high-risk countries in terms of seismic activities, reportedly host approximately 200 chip production factories. If large-scale earthquakes occur in those regions, we may face another global chip crisis. Chip production facilities are also being established in the USA and Europe, but they are still being established.


TSMC, had come to our agenda before with bad news. The company caused its production to stop with WannaCry ransomware Almost five years after the shooting, he made a splash with the news of another cyber attack. This is the hacker group behind the incident that occurred last year LockBit, They claimed that they had obtained sensitive information of the semiconductor giant with their attack. To avoid publishing the information they obtained, hackers 70 million dollars money requested and gave TSMC until August 6. The pirates, who stated that they would make all the stolen information public after this date, of course did not receive this money. Nowadays, no company makes such a payment because the deletion of data is not guaranteed in this way.

Anyone who makes a statement on this subject in full detail Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Companystated that there was a problem with only one of its suppliers within the scope of the attack. The company also “As a result of the investigations, it was understood that this incident did not affect TSMC’s commercial activities and did not jeopardize any customer information of TSMC. Following the incident, TSMC responded in accordance with the company’s security protocols and standard operating procedures. immediately terminated data exchange with the supplier in question. “ He made a statement.