61 people trapped in a pub for three days due to snowstorm in England

Customers who entered Britain’s highest altitude pub on Friday could not leave for three days. A total of 61 people are trapped in the pub due to the snowfall from the Arwen storm.

Located in the Yorkshire Dales, the Tan Hill Inn pub is located 528 meters above sea level.

Those who came to the place to listen to a band playing Oasis songs on Friday and to stay some of them haven’t left the pub yet.

It is stated that the snow level approached 1 meter on Saturday morning and went up to the bedroom windows.

Owner Nicola Townsend said everyone was in high spirits and some even didn’t want to leave.

It is reported that the electrical cables that broke off along with the snowfall also partially closed the roads for use.

The community, which stayed in the pub over the weekend, is said to have dug a snow tunnel to exit the front door.

Some of the 61 people, including musicians, set up camp in the lounge area of ​​the pub.

Townsend, the owner of the pub, said that 40 people were there to stay, while the rest came to the venue for a beer or two on Friday evening.

Expressing that they have become a big family, Townsend said, “A woman even said she didn’t want to go.”

The community, which is stuck in the pub, spends their time with quizzes and karaoke events.

Martin Overton, one of the people who stayed at the pub, shared that the weather inside was very good and there was “a lot of beer stock”.

Heavy snowfalls caused by Storm Arwen have negatively affected life between York and Scotland.

While there were power cuts in many places, train services were canceled on some lines.