6 traditional sauces for your light version pasta

6 traditional sauces for your light version pasta

Penne, spaghetti, farfalle, macaroni … We consume an average of 8 kg of pasta per person per year. But which sauces to choose so as not to increase the calories on the plate?

Combining pleasure and a balanced diet is still possible without depriving yourself of eating pasta. Be careful, not all accompanying sauces are created equal.

On the same subject

Count around 68 calories per 100g of bolognese, 150 for the carbonara sauce or 517 calories per 100g of pesto ! However, alternatives exist to find the tastes of these great classics without them becoming real calorie bombs.

Replace, for example, the egg of traditional carbonara with yogurt and the pancetta with bacon. To find the smoothness of the pesto sauce without guilt, mix an avocado with lemon juice. Rich in potassium, this small green fruit will ensure the proper functioning of your heart, your muscles and your kidneys.

How to have reasonable pleasure?

The golden rule? Stop eating when you are full ! Enjoying your pasta does not mean continuing to eat without hunger. Thus, you will avoid bloating and possible transit problems. Eating a large amount of foods high in fat and sugars can also cause you to secrete high levels of dopamine. Your brain might then be asking for more.

Choose the right products. Regarding pasta, favor those with whole wheat or legumes. Rich in fiber, they will allow you to eliminate better afterwards.

What if you turned more to plants? Accompanying your pasta with vegetables, mushrooms or soy will speed up your transit, while protein-based diets will promote constipation.

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