6 things from Diablo 4 that won’t come into play until release

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Diablo 4 will start its open beta soon, but not all content from the hack and slash is ready to play. That’s why we’re showing you 6 things that you can’t savor until the release.

When does the open beta start? The Diablo 4 open beta starts on Friday, March 24th at 5:00 p.m. and ends on Monday, March 27th at 9:00 p.m. While closed beta players were only able to play with three classes, in open beta, all available classes will be open for testing.

However, the beta doesn’t show you every aspect of Diablo 4, so we’re showing you 6 things you can’t try until full release.

horses and riding

Horses and riding will play a big role in Diablo 4, as the map of the hack and slash can be explored non-stop. So that you don’t break your feet, personal horses should help you to explore the surrounding area faster. Unfortunately, these are locked in the beta. So you still have to take care of your feet and legs.

Sanctuary and other areas

Diablo 4 will offer you a huge and open world to explore. Different levels with large dungeons and new items to collect. In the beta, however, you can only explore one area out of a total of five realms. However, even in the beta, you’ll find that Sanctuary is huge.


PvP isn’t supposed to be the focus of Diablo 4, so it’s not in the beta either. In order to compete against other players, you must go to the Fields of Hatred. You can only attack other players in these special areas in order to get special loot.


The Paragon board promises complexity for Diablo 4.

Diablo 4 features a more complex Paragon system, which is similar to Path of Exile’s skill system. Paragon can only be unlocked from level 50, but the beta slows your hero down from 25. Large and, above all, complex builds are therefore only possible at the time of release. Nevertheless, we have put together 5 builds for you to use in the beta.

Item Shop and Battle Pass

The shop with its skins

The most controversial topic in Diablo 4 so far is the shop and the Battle Pass. This is not available in the beta, but according to Blizzard, it should only reward the players with cosmetic items for the release. There will be no monetization like Diablo Immortal had.

Endgame and other difficulties

Diablo 4 is said to offer 4 levels of difficulty, which you can rotate through on your travels depending on your mood, provided you meet the necessary conditions. Additionally, certain endgame content, such as the Nightmare Dungeons, is tied to these difficulties.

In the beta, however, you can only try the first two difficulties and the endgame of Diablo 4 remains untouched. You would go down anyway since you can only go up to level 25.

That was all the content that you can only really try out and put through its paces in the full release. Can you think of a few things that we haven’t listed? Feel free to leave us a comment and tell us a feature you are most looking forward to with the release.

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