6 (!) masterpieces like the best John Wick and Spielberg’s underestimated sci-fi hammer

6 masterpieces like the best John Wick and Spielbergs

Many films on Netflix are licensed titles that the streaming service Bought and on subscription offer for a limited time Has. Therefore, before the start of a new month, many of them are often thrown out. At the end of September it hits several titles again, six of which are absolutely fantastic.

We present to you all six movie masterpieces only available on Netflix until September 30th are to be streamed.

Only briefly on Netflix: Saving Private Ryan

Steven Spielberg’s harrowing epic Saving Private Ryan leads a squad of soldiers on an evacuation mission right in 1944 the hell of the second world war. The opening sequence is particularly memorable, for which the director recreates the Allied invasion of Normandy on the beach in an incredibly harrowing manner.

Watch a trailer for Saving Private Ryan here:

Saving Private Ryan – Trailer (German)

Only briefly on Netflix: Fight Club

With Fight Club, David Fincher created one of the biggest cult films of the 90s. Based on Chuck Palahniuk and starring Edward Norton and Brad Pitt in two of her best roles, the flick remains one to this day black-humoured-stylish reckoning with toxic ideals of masculinity, consumerism and capitalism.

Check out the trailer for Fight Club here:

Fight Club – Trailer (German)

Only briefly on Netflix: John Wick 2

As John Wick, Keanu Reeves has made an outstanding career comeback. In the role of the stoic assassin, he has fought and shot his way through three great action films so far, but the highlight remains John Wick: Chapter 2. This is not (but maybe a little) because Reeves’ protagonist kills most of the opponents in the sequel . It’s mostly them perfectly coordinated set pieceswhich make John Wick 2 the current highlight of the series.

Watch another John Wick 2 trailer here:

John Wick Chapter 2 – Trailer 2 (German) HD

Only briefly on Netflix: War of the Worlds

War of the Worlds only has an average of 6 on the Moviepilot community and that should be revised upwards. With the sci-fi blockbuster, Steven Spielberg has made a gritty film that one would hardly otherwise believe the director is capable of. Rarely has an alien invasion been captured in pictures in such an apocalyptic and oppressive way, while Tom Cruise as a family man provides the necessary emotional anchor. A criminally underrated masterpiece.

Only briefly on Netflix: Mission: Impossible 1

The Mission: Impossible series has long been one of the best action franchises of our time. But the very first part in particular is still a gripping masterpiece to this day, in which the espionage thrill still comes first. That incomparably captivating centerpiece of Mission: Impossible is of course the Heist sequence at CIA HQ in Langley that is guaranteed to have everyone holding their breath while watching.

Check out a trailer for the first Mission: Impossible part here:

Mission: Impossible – Trailer (German)

Only briefly on Netflix: Shining

The eccentric perfectionist meets the master of horror and the result is a genre masterpiece for eternity. Stephen King himself disliked Stanley Kubrick’s film adaptation of the Shining, but the director’s stone-cold, precise style produces unbelievable horror images that feature a psychopathic Jack Nicholson and the bloodcurdling, frightened looks to be framed by Shelley Duvall.

Check out the Shining trailer here:

The Shining – Trailer

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