“6 hours per spark” – players explain how to easily get Uber Uniques

There are several ways to get Magnificent Sparks for Uber Uniques in Diablo 4. One is specifically part of Season 4 and, according to players, works pretty easily.

In Diablo 4, you have the option of crafting your own Uber Uniques. However, you need four “Magnificent Sparks” for one Uber. You get three Sparks almost for free in Season 4, and you get the others when you dismantle Uber Uniques that you don’t need.

Players on Reddit are suggesting a way to collect the Magnificent Sparks that anyone can do when they create another character – or several. To do this, you have to stay in the Helltide, which has been available at World Tier 1 since Season 4, and collect a lot of embers.

Diablo 4 Season 4 “Loot Reborn” in the gameplay trailer

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One character collects, the other spends

How does Helltide help me get Uber Uniques? On Reddit, user “yxalitis” suggests a way to collect Magnificent Sparks for Uber Uniques. To do this, you farm Wolf Honor by opening as many level 100 chests as possible in the Helltide on World Tier 2.

As your wolf honor increases, you will receive rewards with each new rank. At rank 18, you will receive a Magnificent Spark – and this applies to every character you play. In principle, you can do this method as often as you want and have time for.

The following method is described by “yxalitis” in the Reddit post:

  • You create another character. You level this up to world level 1/world level 2 roughly up to level 20/30.
  • Important: “Park” the new character in the Helltide area. Only then switch to your main character, who ideally already has a high level. If the new character is not in the Helltide when you farm embers with the old character, the embers will not be transferred, according to “frodonne” (via Reddit).
  • Go into the Helltide with your main character at world level 2 and collect as much embers as you can. The best way to do this is to use the Blood Maiden’s Ritual, because: lots of monsters, lots of embers, the boss will quickly fall over if you are at a high level and do a lot of damage. Activate the ritual, chop everything up, repeat.
  • Once you have collected around 1,000 embers, switch to the second character waiting in the Helltide. This character will receive the collected embers when you switch. Run through the chests in the Helltide and open as many as you can. Don’t get distracted, pay attention to the timer.
  • The boxes cost 100 embers each at world level 2 and each earns you 120 wolf honor. If you open around 10 boxes, you will receive 1,200 wolf honor. Killing the monsters during the ritual and near the boxes will also earn you wolf honor.
  • Once the Helltide ends, you will have the opportunity to clean up your inventories and adjust the equipment of your secondary character.
  • How long does the whole thing take? According to a Reddit comment by “bullant8547,” the process takes around six hours. He created a new barbarian, “camped” at the ritual on world level 2, and then opened all the chests. He only upgraded his equipment during the 5-minute Helltide break.

    When asked if this is a bug that could be fixed soon, users note in the comments that the method has been used since the Infernal Flood was introduced, and now it is even more worthwhile because of the rewards from the Iron Wolves.

    Rituals for as much embers as possible

    Does this really work? We can’t say for sure whether this is really doable in six hours. But the method is probably faster than farming Uber Uniques. We tested the procedure with a Necro at level 100 and had 1,260 embers within about 30 minutes.

    To do this, we spent the entire time on the Ritual of the Blood Maiden, who collapses pretty quickly in a fight against a level 100 character on World Level 2. 20 minutes before the end of the Inferno, we switched to the new character, opened a total of around 12 chests for 100 embers each, and rose to rank 7 with the Iron Wolves.

    Here we just switched to the second character to waste 1,200 embers.

    The “Smoldering Ashes” from the seasonal blessing speeds this up even more when you use it in the Urn of Iron, as it gives you a 20% bonus to your Iron Wolf reputation from Helltide activities. And the “Desecrated Mind Cage” elixir increases the threat gain and the embers that drop from enemies in Helltide.

    If you want to level up the second character as quickly as possible during the process, you should complete a specific quest. To do this, you have to unlock world level 3 and go to Gea Kul, but it’s worth it. The quest allows you to equip two elixirs and use all the bonuses. And the XP bonuses stack up and speed up the leveling process.