6 good reasons to eat enough protein

6 good reasons to eat enough protein

Protein is essential as part of a balanced diet. They ensure the proper functioning of the metabolism and the renewal of the body’s cells.

Where to find protein?

Milk, eggs, meat, fish, proteins of vegetable origin, proteins are mainly present in the diet.

On the same subject

The animal protein remain very versatile and sufficient. However, if you are a vegetarian or vegan, feel free to mix the sources of protein vegetable between them.

You can also alternate between vegetable sources during the same day, in order to guarantee a correct protein supply to your body. Cereals, legumes, lentils, quinoa, wheat, soybeans, chickpeas, you are spoiled for choice.

What is the recommended amount?

Different factors go into calculating the daily protein level. Age, physical activity, state of health, as well as muscle mass must be taken into consideration.

For a sedentary man, the daily protein intake can be between 0.7 to 1 g per kilogram of body weight. Older people, more prone to osteoporosis and loss of muscle mass, should have a higher ideal protein intake.

Excessive consumption of protein, especially animal protein, can however be harmful to the body. Remember, excess is never good.

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