5th wave Covid-19: government announcements

5th wave Covid 19 government announcements

A new health defense council was held this Wednesday, November 24 to put in place new measures to deal with the epidemic rebound observed in France. Here are which ones.

Government spokesman Gabriel Attal spoke at the end of the health defense council on November 24 to announce the new measures that will be taken to deal with the fifth wave of the Covid-19 epidemic, which ‘he described as “dazzling“A few days earlier. These measures were detailed during a press conference given by the Minister of Health Olivier Véran on Thursday, November 25.

A worrying situation in France and in Europe

The Director General of Health Jérôme Salomon began the speech by explaining that Europe had become “the epicenter of the pandemic, with 67% of new contaminations recorded in the world. The weather conditions with activities that are done more indoors, the decline in respect of barrier gestures and insufficient vaccination coverage “contribute to this trend“.

In France, despite the fact that 88% of 12 years and over are vaccinated, the situation is deteriorating rapidly: the incidence rate is 193, the bar of 36,000 new cases was exceeded on Monday. New hospitalizations and admissions in critical care are in “clear increase“: 8765 patients are hospitalized including 483 in critical care.”The health impact is real but clearly reduced by vaccination“, he insisted on clarifying, adding that the unvaccinated were more likely to be hospitalized:”the risk is divided by 8 with the vaccine, and it is further reduced after the booster“.

Furthermore, the peak of this fifth wave could be reached as early as next week. “To spend the end of year celebrations in the best conditions, let’s mobilize”, He hammered.

Vaccination booster for all adults

Olivier Véran explained that the effectiveness of the vaccination decreased over time, hence the importance of the vaccine booster: the immune memory being “not infallible“, we have to”reactivate“with this reminder.

On the recommendations of the HAS published a few hours earlier, he announced that all people 18 years of age and over will need a booster dose of vaccine 5 months after their last injection. For people who have already been infected, the Minister of Health recalled: “an infection = an injectionThey will therefore also have to receive a dose 5 months after infection.

The reminder campaign for all adults will be open from November 27. The government will proceed with a massive opening of appointment slots for vaccination, with 26 million doses of Pfizer and Moderna available. Recalls can be made to all health professionals in town: attending physicians, biological laboratories, etc. In France, 6 million vaccinated have already had their booster dose: 19 million vaccinated have yet to receive it.

Vaccination of children: soon to be opened?

The Minister of Health also explained that the National Medicines Safety Agency (ANSM) will give its final opinion on the vaccination of 5-11 year olds this afternoon, but it will surely be open for this age group. .

Health pass: tests only valid for 24 hours

The rules of the health pass will change: from December 15, the health pass will no longer be active for people aged 65 and over if the vaccine booster has not been given 7 months after the last injection. From January 15th, this will be the case for all adults, under the same conditions.

Furthermore, From November 29, PCR and antigen tests will only be valid for 24 hours, instead of 48 hours currently.

Reinforcement of barrier gestures

Olivier Véran underlined the importance of barrier gestures, which tended to be abandoned with the decline of the epidemic. From November 26, the mask will become mandatory indoors, even in places where access is conditioned by the health pass.. Outside, it will be compulsory for certain events, such as Christmas markets and flea markets. Access to Christmas markets will also be subject to the health pass, he announced.

A new drug available

From the beginning of December, a new tool will strengthen the arsenal of fight against the Covid-19 epidemic: the molnupiravir, a tablet drug reserved for people at risk of severe forms, which will be available in the city. “France will be the first European country to benefit its citizens“, rejoiced Olivier Véran. Other drug treatments against Covid-19 should soon be available.

Consult a general practitioner online

School: systematic screening from the first positive case

Finally, the Minister of Education Jean-Michel Blanquer explained that there will no longer be a systematic closure of primary classes in the first positive case of Covid identified. On the other hand, the whole class will have to be tested.