53 years ago, this young man took his first steps in the cinema, today he is one of the biggest stars in the world. Did you recognize him?

53 years ago this young man took his first steps

Everyone has to start small, and that even applies to today’s megastars. And action hero Sylvester Stallone is no different. In 1971, he appeared as an unnamed extra in a Woody Allen comedy, as our colleagues at Allocine have uncovered. He played a street thug.

Before Rambo & Rocky: Sylvester Stallone fights his way through the subway

Bananas, like many of Allen’s films, is about a fearful New Yorker (Allen). After his girlfriend ends their relationship, he travels to Latin America and takes part in a revolution there.

Stallone appears in a slapstick scene from the New York subway: he and a sidekick enter the protagonist’s car and harass the passengers. Allen’s character eventually throws them off the train, but they quickly follow him.

Watch Sylvester Stallone’s scene in Bananas here:

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At the time of filming, the young Stallone was trying to make it as an actor. For years he struggled with small roles and got into financial difficulties several times. Ultimately, his drama Rocky made him a star almost overnight. Today, many fans will not even know his Bananas appearance.

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