5 jobs with good future prospects and low competition

5 jobs with good future prospects and low competition

Every year, thousands of people send their applications to the courses they wish to study. On March 15, registrations for the university’s courses and trainings opened and for many, studies will soon await before it is time to go out into working life.

But what will the labor market look like in the future and which occupations are worth investing in where competition is low?

The organization Saco has developed before the admissions which professions you should focus on if you want low competition after completing your studies. And according to them, the future looks bright for future graduates.

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The job of the future with low competition

– It is sad enough that we have a very bad security policy situation and that now requires an upgrade of the defense. In addition, we have joined NATO, which will require more officers, so it is probably a safe job, says Saco’s chairman, Goran Arriusin an interview with TV4.

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Officer is a job with good future prospects. Photo: Fredrik Persson

– There are not librarians for all school libraries today, so this is a profession where there are also good future prospects.

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There are too few librarians for school libraries. Photo: Pontus Lundahl/TT

  • Occupational therapist
  • Priest
  • Teacher
  • When it comes to the other three professional groups, Arrius believes that these are professions that have long needed staff.

    – These are professions that for quite a long time have struggled with the fact that there are too few applicants. All three are the great need around.

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