5 hours of action excess that pushes the boundaries of good taste several times

5 hours of action excess that pushes the boundaries of

Will Smith had a mega hit with the first Bad Boys film in the mid-90s, with the sequel appearing eight years later. If you want to watch Bad Boys and Bad Boys II by riot king Michael Bay in one go, you have the opportunity to do so on Sunday evening on RTL II. The sequel in particular is one evil excessive excesswhich pushes the boundaries of good taste.

Action marathon on TV: Bad Boys II could no longer be filmed like this today

In the blockbusters, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence play the cop duo Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett, who work for the Miami Police Department. The Bad Boys films are not only characterized by cracking action, but also thrive on the argumentative humor between the stars.

After the first part was a hit at the box office, Michael Bay was given a higher budget for part 2. The director used the 130 million dollars for a two and a half hour long action excess, which was called cynical battle of materials with incredibly evil humor and crude interludes comes along.

The parade of ice-cold headshots, macho clichés, body bags strewn on the street and a particularly tasteless hide-and-seek sequence in the autopsy break every barrier of good taste. In the Hollywood studio system, an action blockbuster like Bad Boys II would be unthinkable in this form today.

When are the Bad Boys films on TV?

RTL II broadcasts the first part of the action series November 12, 2023 at 8:15 p.m out of. The continuation follows immediately afterwards from 10:30 p.m. You can otherwise stream both action blockbusters and the third part, Bad Boys For Life, uncut with a Netflix subscription.

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