4AIM SICAF, Enpaia Foundation towards disposal of participation

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(Finance) – 4AIMthe first SICAF focused on investments in companies listed and to be listed on Euronext Growth Milan, has announced that Enpaia Foundation (National Insurance Agency for Workers and Employees in Agriculture) has reduced its participation in the share capital, in relation to the ordinary shares relating to Section 1 MTF held, below the relevance threshold of 25%.

The sale is part of the broader framework of divestment of participation by the Enpaia Foundation, we read in a note.

In particular, Fondazione ENPAIA declared that it holds 10,834 ordinary shares relating to Section 1 MTF, equal to 20.08% of the total number of ordinary sharescorresponding to 20.04% of the overall voting rights and 21.78% of the voting rights relating to Section 1 MTF.

Enpaia Foundation is one of the three significant shareholderstogether with the BCC/CRA National Pension Fund and the National Institute of Social Security for Italian Journalists.

(Photo: Carrie Allen www.carrieallen.com on Unsplash)