48 years later, Clint Eastwood is still ashamed of a western that he wanted to get out of because of how bad the filming was

48 years later Clint Eastwood is still ashamed of a
Clint Eastwood knows how much of his fame he owes to the Western genre. But that doesn’t mean he remembers each of his roles fondly: as he described in 2017’s Empire, Even 48 years later, he only thinks with unease about the wind blowing westwards. The musical is a great find for fans. The star plays a singing cowboy in a love triangle. Clint Eastwood’s Western shoot was so bad that he wanted out

The Wind Blows West is about Ben Rumson (Lee Marvin), who wants to make money in various ways with his partner (Eastwood) in the Wild West. Among other things, he wants to dig for gold and meet the other lonely fortune hunters in the town of No Name City (!) provide profitable sex workers. He and his partner maintain a relationship with Elizabeth (Jean Seberg), whom Rumson bought from a Mormon.

Check out the English trailer for Westward the Wind Rises here:

The Wind Blows West – Trailer (English)

Debatable plot elements or not, there is also singing. But since none of the big stars had any vocal training, their ballads, according to Collider, sound more like a “sad, lonely whispers“. Maybe it’s no wonder, at least Eastwood had imagined the experience of filming to be completely different.

After countless rewrites of the script, the film eventually bore no resemblance to the concept Eastwood had signed on for. The film was [am Ende] much shallower and just didn’t have the dynamic of the original script“Eastwood explained to Empire.”Plus, the shoot took forever.

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Eastwood, Seberg and Marvin in the westward direction is the wind

In the meantime The star even wanted to get out and fled to another film set.I went away to shoot Agents Die Lonely. [Die Produzenten von Westwärts zieht der Wind] came by plane and convinced me to come back” said Eastwood.

55 years after its theatrical release, critical opinion on Eastwood’s only musical is still divided (via Metacritic). Anyone who wants to watch the bizarre film can The wind is blowing westwards, among other things, you can buy or rent it on Amazon*.

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