40% of French people feel “extreme weariness”

40 of French people feel extreme weariness

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  • Posted on 04/09/2021

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    After a year of pandemic punctuated by successive confinements, curfews and reduced social life, the French are 40% to feel extreme weariness. In addition to this condition, there is an increase in mood disorders, depression and anxiety disorders.

    The various restrictions due to the pandemic greatly influence the mental health of the French. 40% feel extreme weariness, with symptoms of stress and anxiety for 35% of them, according to a Diffusis barometer commissioned by Upfeel.io. A feeling particularly due to “constraints, the new rules imposed [qui] are experienced as deprivation of liberty, a concept so important in France“, explains Julie Scouppe, clinical psychologist.”What is easily bearable over a few weeks, exceptionally, is much less bearable over a year or more“.

    Main factor in the decline in the mental health of the French, the breakdown of social ties affects more than half of respondents (64%). Wearing a compulsory mask would also contribute to lower morale (45%). The arrival of the health crisis causes cyclical variations in mood for nearly one in two French people. (44%).

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    The social bond to improve mental health?

    To get better, 63% of respondents would like “free wellness support sessions“from companies. 82% of French people also want to benefit from a personal development coach or a psychologist.

    See his friends, regaining the freedom to go out or go to a restaurant would, for the majority of respondents, improve their mental health (91%).