40% of French people do not protect themselves enough from the sun

40 of French people do not protect themselves enough from

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  • Posted on 06/04/2021

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    A new survey reveals that not enough French people protect themselves from the dangers of UV rays. A phenomenon induced by false beliefs.

    While the beautiful days are more and more numerous, a new survey reveals that the French do not protect themselves enough against the sun. According to a survey carried out by the FEBEA (Federation of Beauty Companies) and OpinionWay, 20% of those surveyed only apply sunscreen once a day during exposure to the sun for several hours. . While 19% do without it completely.

    Among the most resistant, the survey reveals that they are men (27%) and people over 65 (30%) which, for the most part, do not apply any sun protection. However, the sun is the main cause of skin cancer in France. According to Public Health France, around 90% of these cancers could have been prevented with adequate sun protection.

    Misconceptions at the origin of this failure

    If 89% of French people believe that sunscreens are effective in protecting themselves from the dangers of the sun, it is nevertheless 4 in 10 who do not protect themselves sufficiently. This figure could be explained by false beliefs that have been anchored for several years. According to the survey, 76% of respondents fear that sun products contain ingredients that are harmful to health. However, French regulations for solar products are among the strictest. On the one hand we have products that are subject to draconian controls to ensure their safety for health, an efficacy of products that is not open to debate, and on the other hand, we have a serious, proven risk. , and found by all doctors, that is the risk of cancer “, affirms Emmanuel Guichard, General Delegate of FEBEA, in a press release.

    Finally, the environmental impact of solar products also seems to worry the French. 86% of them believe that solar products pollute the environment. An assertion reinforced by recent controversies targeting oxybenzone, a key ingredient in sunscreens, likely to pollute marine environments. Nevertheless, there are alternatives increasingly present in the sunscreen market offering products devoid of harmful components such as creams based on titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. A possibility that could reconcile the French with sun protection.