38-year-old satellite produced by NASA crashes to Earth

38 year old satellite produced by NASA crashes to Earth

US agency responsible for space projects NASA The 38-year-old satellite produced by fell.

NASA designed and long-retired to conduct scientific research by Earth Radiation Budget Satellite (ERBS) The satellite, named as predicted, fell to Earth without harming anyone. Satellite, Ministry of Defense According to the statement made by the company, it fell directly to the shores of Alaska, no one was adversely affected by this event. NASA has already said that the chance of injury to someone from this satellite is 1 in 9,400. The satellite, which collects important data for the ozone layer, It had helped them understand how the Earth absorbs and radiates solar energy.

space junk i.e. unused satellites or stray parts in low earth orbit, future space missions and the future of those soon to be operated by private companies, such as the ISS. poses serious dangers to space stations. Here is the Federal Communications Board (FCC), which took a step in this regard last year, It wants the satellites that have completed their mission to be removed from low earth orbit within five years.


This decision seems important and vital for future space missions. As it is said, companies have been asked to do this before. had a full 25 years. “25 years is now a very long time” who says FCC officials Jessica Rosenworcel In addition, he states: “There is no reason to wait that long (25 years) anymore, especially in low earth orbit. The second space age has arrived. We need to clean up to keep growing, to keep innovation going after us.”