33 men and 10 women are dollar billionaires

33 men and 10 women are dollar billionaires

Here we list Sweden’s richest men and women. All 43 are dollar billionaires. The conversion from dollars to Swedish kronor is done by Affärsvärlden.

A billion dollars is in today’s monetary value 10.8 billion kroner. Despite the weak Swedish krona, the number of Swedish super-rich men and women is increasing.

Sweden’s richest men and women

The last year’s volatile share prices, many bankruptcies and weak real estate development not least in Sweden have caused the order to shift quite a bit from last year.

The figures are taken from The business world review of Forbes’ annual compilation of the world’s dollar billionaires, country by country.

Roger Akelius for example, is not on the list because he is no longer a Swedish citizen. The Klarna founder Sebastian Siemiatkowski was on the list in 2022 but has dropped out after the payment company plummeted in valuations.

43. Per Franzén, 10.8 billion

Per Franzén47, sits on the board of the international billion-dollar company EQT.

42. Lennart Blecher, 10.8 billion

Lennart Blecher owns 10.8 billion and is new to the list. He too is part of the EQT sphere.

39-41 Jonas, Mathias and Peter Kamprad 11.8 billion each

Ingvar Kamprad’s three sons Jonas Kamprad58, Mathias Kamprad54, and Peter Kamprad60, none of whom own shares in Ikea but all share in the Ikea bank Ikano.

38. Caspar Callerström, 11.8 billion

Caspar Callerstrom50, is technically in shared space with the Ikeabarnen above. Included in EQT.

37. Thomas Sandell, SEK 12.9 billion

Thomas Sandell, 54, is an investor on Wall Street and one of Sweden’s best-known billionaires in the United States. And lives fine with a villa in the Hamptons, according to The business world.

36. Harry Klagsbrun 12.9 billion

Harry Klagsbrun, 70 years old, is once again a dollar billionaire thanks to the rise of EQT. This despite the fact that EQT recently got caught by the Swedish Tax Agency, and was forced to pay hundreds of millions in higher taxes on venture capital investments.

35. Markus Persson, 14.0 billion

Markus Persson, 44 years old, sold Minecraft to Microsoft in 2014, and is known as Notch in gaming circles.

34. Ali Ghodsi, 15.1 billion

The AI ​​Billionaire Ali Ghodsi, 45 years, is a Swedish citizen but born in Iran and lives in Silicon Valley. He is the CEO of the AI ​​behemoth Databricks.

He has previously told Affärsvärlden about his tough upbringing in the Stockholm suburb of Bagarmossen:

– It was social benefits and the whole shit. I clearly remember the exclusion, it was us and them, Affärsvärlden reported in one interview.

32-33. Charlotte Söderström and Tom Persson, SEK 16.2 billion each

The H&M king Stefan Persson grandchild Charlotte Söderström, 47, and Tom Persson, 39.

31. Karl-Johan Persson, 17.2 billion

Karl-Johan Persson49, is also the grandson of Stefan Persson and a major owner in H&M.

30. Thomas Von Koch, 17.2 billion

Thomas Von Koch, 57 years old, in addition to being one of the heights within EQT, is also the owner of several pharmaceutical companies.

29. Elisabeth Douglas, 17.2 billion

Elizabeth Douglas, 82, was married to Count Gustaf Douglas until he passed away in December 2023.

28. Jenny Lindén Urnes, 18.3 billion

The high animals of the Linden group Jenny Lindén Urnes53 years old.

27. Jens Von Bahr, 18.3 billion

Jens Von Bahr, 53, co-founded the billion-dollar company Evolution.

26. Fredrik Österberg 19.4 billion

Fredrik Österberg54, co-founded Evolution with Jens Von Bahr.

25. Stefan Olsson, 20.5 billion

Stefan Olsson, 84, owns large parts of Stenabolagen.

24. David Mindus, 21.5 billion

David Mindus, 52, is a real estate giant and owns Sagax.

23 Conni Jonsson, 21.4 billion

Another EQT giant, the founder Connie Jonsson, 63, also owns the investment company Qarlbo. But also smaller businesses such as the ABBA museum in Stockholm.

22. Louise Lindh, 24.8 billion

One of Sweden’s most powerful women – Louise Lindh, 44, sits on the board of several important industrial companies. The LE Lundberg company was founded by her grandfather and her 24.8 billion kroner comes from real estate and paper pulp, among other things.

21. Katarina Martinson, 25.8 billion

Louise Lindh’s younger sister Katarina Martinson42, sits on the boards of Lundbergsforetagen as well as Industrivärden, Indutrade and Husqvarna and owns shares in the AI ​​company Sana Labs.

Katarina Martinson 2016. Photo: Magnus Hjalmarson Neideman / SvD / TT20. Lottie Tham, 26.9 billion

Lottie Tham74 years old, is H&M king Stefan Persson’s slightly less wealthy sister.

19. Bertil Hult, 28.0 billion

Bertil Hult, 83 years old, is behind the language travel giant EF and is worth SEK 28 billion.

18. Dan Olsson, SEK 30.2 billion

Dan Olsson77, is worth SEK 30.2 billion and CEO of Stena AB. Invested in Stena Sessan, Stena Metall and Northvolt.

17. Roger Samuelsson, 32.3 billion

Roger Samuelsson, 60, is a Swedish company leader in biomedical equipment such as SHL’s autoinjection products.

16. Erik Selin, SEK 44.2 billion

56-year-old Eric Selin is a major shareholder in, among other things, Balder Fastigheter and has a fortune of SEK 44.2 billion.

Daniel EK, founder of the music service Spotify. Photo: Lars Pehrson / SvD / TT15. Daniel Ek, 45.2 billion

Daniel Oak41 years old, is one of Spotify’s founders and worth SEK 45.2 billion.

14. Torbjörn Törnqvist, 58.2 billion

Torbjörn Törnqvist71 years old, is the energy magnate who switched from Russian oil to liquefied natural gas, LNG. In total, he has a fortune of SEK 58.2 billion.

12-13. Sofia Högberg Schörling and Märta Schörling Andreen, 60.3 billion

Daughters of Melker Schörling who passed away at the end of 2023. Major owners in Schörling, AAK, Assa Abloy, Hexpol, Securitas and Nibe.

Sofia Högberg Schörling46, and Märta Schörling Andreen39, are also major owners of the unlisted pest control company Anticimex.

11. Martin Lorentzon, 63.5 billion

Martin Lorentzon, 55 years old, is one of the Spotify founders and is worth 63.5 billion. He has neither bought nor sold a single share during the past year, according to Affärsvärlden.

9-10. Brothers Carl Douglas and Eric Douglas, 68.9 billion

The brothers Carl Douglas and Eric Douglas are sons of Count Gustaf Douglas, owner of several large Swedish companies, including Wasatornet, Investment AB Latour, Assa Abloy and Boxholms Skogar.

6-8. The Rausing siblings, 77 billion

Tetrapak’s owner Finn Rausing, Jörg Rausing and Kirsten Rausing are together good for 77.5 billion.

5. Frederik Paulsen, SEK 78.6 billion

Frederik Paulsen74 years old and worth 78.6 billion, owns the North Pole’s only airport and controls the pharmaceutical empire Ferring.

4. Fredrik Lundberg, 88.3 billion

Fredrik Lundberg is 74 years old. His fortune grew by 44 percent in one year.

He is chairman of the board of Industrivärden, Holmen and Hufvudstaden.

3. Carl Bennet, 91.5 billion

The 72-year-old industrialist Carl Reinhold Adolf Bennet is the main owner and chairman of the board of Getinge, Lifco and Elanders. He is also a board member of the large Swedish companies Holmen and Lundbergs.

2. Antonia Ax:son Johnson, 109.9 billion

Axel Johnson’s heirs with 80-year-olds Antonia Ax:son Johnson at the top, has increased its capital to SEK 109.9 billion, and among other things after selling the beauty company Kicks and more. Among other things, the Swedish food company Axfoods, named after Axel Johnson, has done very well on the stock market, which meant a jingle in the coffers for the matriarch and her family.

The daughter Caroline Bergwho has been chairman of the Axfoods group since 2015 according to Affärsvärlden, is predicted to take over from Antonia as the next corporate mogul for the family business.

Stefan Persson is H&M’s big name and Sweden’s richest man. Photo: Emma-Sofia Olsson / SvD / TT1. Stefan Persson, 178.8 billion

Stefan Persson, 63, is as usual Sweden’s richest man. It is since old. He is now worth SEK 178.8 billion, which is SEK 4.3 billion more than last year.

He was H&M’s managing director from 1982 until he became chairman of the board in 1998, which he continued until 2020 when his son Karl-Johan Persson, 48 took over.

Last year, Stefan Persson was the world’s 71st richest man, according to Forbes. This year he has fallen to 110th place.

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