3018 app, parental control … Macron announces new measures against harassment

3018 app parental control Macron announces new measures against harassment

In a video posted on Twitter on the occasion of the day of mobilization against school bullying, Emmanuel Macron announced a series of measures to fight against this “scourge” and “to win this fight”.

On the occasion of the day against school bullying, Emmanuel Macron announced on his Twitter account a series of new measures to fight against this scourge and ensure “let shame change sides”. He first of all recalls that cell phones have been banned in colleges and that anti-harassment referents have been set up in schools. The government has also made available a free number, 3018, to fight against cyberbullying in particular. But this is not enough and cases of school bullying and cyberstalking continue to claim many victims, sometimes leading to the suicide of young children and adolescents. “The isolation, the fear continues, the shame of talking about it to those close to them, the humiliation” … These consequences of school bullying prevent victims from breaking out of this infatuation. “This is why we are going to continue to mobilize” declares the Head of State.

The 3018 app to make it easier to report a case of harassment

Because bullied students are often alone and afraid, we must make it easier for them to report what they are victims of “. Thus, in addition to the telephone number 3018 set up, the government is launching a 3018 application from February 2022 “to allow victims and witnesses to send a screenshot of harassment situations” in order to better support them, explains Emmanuel Macron.

Welcoming and listening to victims of bullying at school

The government also wants to allow young victims of harassment at school to go to appropriate structures for help. “We are going to strengthen the homes for adolescents, the reception centers for young people, the physical places with people who are there to hear and listen throughout the territory ” adds the president.

Strengthening parental controls

At last, social networks and digital representing an important place in the lives of young people, an experiment will be launched with young people who will be able to obtain a digital awareness certification. It will concern 6th grade students from the start of the 2022 school year. This experiment can then be generalized at the start of the 2023 school year. Parents will also be accompanied “so as not to find themselves helpless when their child is a victim,” says Emmanuel Macron. Therefore, he plans to “change the law to improve parental controls by making sure that it is installed by default on all phones, computers, tablets … used by children “.

We can win this fight against bullying by taking our responsibilities, by listening to our children, by relying on the remarkable work that associations do on a daily basis, by relying on the mobilization of National Education which has changed profoundly in recent years, and we are going to accelerate it even more, it is possible. It is possible, as long as you talk about it over and over again. It is possible, provided you do not give in to the law of silence, indifference or shame.. We will never let go” Emmanuel Macron concluded.