“3 vehicles under 400 thousand TL left”

3 vehicles under 400 thousand TL left

Turkish automobile market Some data revealing the latest situation were shared. Only 3 vehicles under 400 thousand TL remained.

featured in The Economist as reported in the article Hüsamettin Yalçın, General Manager of Cardata, “With the earthquake, people’s needs increased. The number of people who want to sell their car and buy a safer house or sell their car and go to another city has increased. In other words, second-hand vehicle entry into the market will increase. With the increase in second hand supply, prices may come back” made a statement. Stating that these increases are routine brand hikes since the exchange rate is stable, Yalçın said, “After the earthquake, brands do not think of making higher hikes. However, foreign exchange is an effective factor in new vehicle prices. The increase in the exchange rate increases the price of zero km vehicles. In recent months, zero km vehicle prices have not increased for the stable occupancy of foreign currency.” said. Pointing out that the other problem in the market is access to credit, Yalçın said, “In addition to the above,On the other hand, supply problem, chip crisis problems continue. In 2023, the supply problem will continue. The waiting period is up to 6 months. In 2023, there will be a similar situation in terms of zero km.” says.


Cardata General Manager Hüsamettin Yalçın made remarkable statements about the price. Saying that there are currently only three vehicles under 400 thousand TL in Turkey, Yalçın, “Already, these vehicles are bare models, which we call base models. It is not in the market even if you are. At zero kilometer, whatever the brands have in 2023 will be sold. After the Gölcük earthquake in 1999, sales had increased to 1 million. I expect a similar sales volume this year, because manufacturers are now producing base model vehicles without chips, if there is no chip. There are automobile manufacturers planning to establish a chip factory in the Far East, but supply is still a problem” recited his sentences. On the electric vehicle side, Yalçın stated that the sales increased. “But we still don’t have enough infrastructure. The SCT base update on electric vehicles last week does not bring huge discounts either. The discount brought by the changed SCT tax brackets after the tax base update is approximately 67 thousand TL on average.” said. In terms of price, the latest situation in the Turkish automobile market is listed as follows:

  • – Only under 400 thousand TL 3 vehicles left.
  • -There are 13 pieces between 400 and 500 thousand TL. Average price: 459 thousand TL
  • There are 28 cars between 500 and 600 thousand TL. Average price: 544 thousand TL
  • There are 57 cars left between 600 and 700 thousand TL. Average price: 653 thousand TL
  • Only 14 vehicles remained in the A segment.
  • -B segment price average price: 838 thousand TL
  • -C segment price average: 1 million 86 thousand TL